Water Sprite / Ceratopteris thalicroides (MEGA HARDY PLANT)

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NOTE: The plant you will receive when you purchase this plant currently looks like the photos labeled "AS OF 8/18/23" There will be FULL UNDERWATER GROWTH ON THEM.


There will also be parts with brown and new leaves off the top of the brown above water converting growth.

Water sprite (or Ceratopteris thalictroides if you want to get scientific) is a highly versatile plant.(often confused with Water Wisteria)

You can keep it floating at the top of your tank. Just throw it in.

When floated, water sprite will quickly multiply once established. I grew it like this in my 125 under high light and CO2 and it grew like crazy. I had runners all over the place...

This is an EXTREMELY HARDY PLANT. It can handle the abuse of a beginner but also reward someone who is more advanced.

It likes slightly higher calcium content. (Don't over think this unless you have like discus low ph water)    It has a strong sturdy stem structure and will handle the abuse of rowdy fish. I have heard people keeping it with cichlids... I don't keep cichlids and promise nothing with those fish and most plants.

The only draw back to this plant is it has a strong "Stalk" like stem that periodically used to break off in rough shipping situations which is why you haven't seen it on our site for awhile.   

What is cool about Water Sprite when floated is that is produces extensive, sweet looking roots down into the tank. It grows wide leaves that attempt to cover the waters surface. My angels loved this and your fish will like it as well. This is also beneficial for newly hatched fry as well as they can hide in the big roots. Water Sprite can also be rooted down just like a normal plant. It doesn't have the hardiest roots so you'll want to get it down in there pretty good. When grown under water it will have skinnier branchy leaves that look entirely different when grown above the water.


Customer Reviews

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O. Massey
Well packaged

I ordered plants on June 14th. They were slightly delayed due to the USPS and not delivered until the 18th, not Dustin's fault at all. But thankfully Dustin's Fishtanks packages the plants very well, going above and beyond with an included cooler pack and a bubble envelope with the plants inside and then put in the box. And the plant bases were wrapped in damp but not dripping wet paper. Even with the slight delay the plants arrived in very good condition. I will certainly be ordering more plants from Dustin's in the future.


It’s awesome

Erin Johnson

Big plants. I planted a few, and left a couple floating. My fish are loving them!


Always great quality and size fastest shipping ever from any company.

James Tillman
Mega sized Water Sprite

Wow, couldn't believe the size of these plants, arrived in excellent condition and really makes a awesome addition to the Aquarium.