Vallisneria Spiralis Leopard (Easy Background Aquarium Plant)

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There are certain plants I would like in my coffin when I move on to the next whatever... Val is one of them.

While we haven't stocked this plant for long, it is certainly making a strong case to ride with me in my coffin.

Like Italian Val, this thin Vallsneria Spiralis is a fast grower.  I don't know why it is call "Vallisneria Spiralis" as we don't see hardly any spiral to it.

(You would want to check out "Val Torta" for this look.)

Customer Reviews

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lynn harland
Not healthy.

This particular plant did not arrive in good condition like the others. I had to cut about 3-4 inches off the top as it was dead and the color is brown and yellowish and is transparent in many spots. It came with a great root system but is unattractive in my aquarium.

Katsumi Watanabe
Absolutely beautiful

Absolutely beautiful and obviously well taken care of. They came in the mail practically unscathed. I’m so excited to get more!

Leopard val

Nice sized bunch with lots of small runners. Hopefully I can keep the nice red color on the leaves.

Sheri Taylor

These add a lot to the aquarium and give the babies a place to hide!

Jungle Val leopard

Plants were healthy but what came was much shorter and less than what I'm used to, otherwise all communication and tracking updates were spot on, I just thought I received a little less then what I expected in size compared to price,but plants are beautiful, just wish there were more in the bushel