Vallisneria Spiralis Leopard (Easy Background Aquarium Plant)

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There are certain plants I would like in my coffin when I move on to the next whatever... Val is one of them.

While we haven't stocked this plant for long, it is certainly making a strong case to ride with me in my coffin.

Like Italian Val, this thin Vallsneria Spiralis is a fast grower.  I don't know why it is call "Vallisneria Spiralis" as we don't see hardly any spiral to it.

(You would want to check out "Val Torta" for this look.)

Customer Reviews

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Mike G.
The best plants online

Exceptional packaging, huge portions, highest quality/healthiest plants I have ordered online, look at these roots and runners on this Leopard Val!


Placed order on Monday and shipment arrived on Saturday. All frozen even with heat pack. I'm thinking if it's a physical impossibility to ship then tell me that up front so I don't waste my money.

LeAnne M Pruitt
Amazing freshwater aquarium plants.

Every time I purchase fw aquatic plants for my hobby, I get THE BEST on the market! Thanks DUSTIN'S FISH TANKS for making it EASY!

Jessica G
Quality plants

After a quick trim on the parts that melted back (which is to be expected after being shipped and kept floating for a couple days to prep the tank) these guys are looking great. Already ordered more!

Beautiful Vallsneria leopard

The Leopard Val arrived quickly and in great condition. The only thing I was concerned over was how to get the band and foam off of the root area without ripping them out/off. Unfortunately, I lost a few of the roots but to be expected I guess. The plants look beautiful in my tank! I think my fish, Grim, likes them too.