Val Asiatica Biwaensis (Thick Corkscrew val)

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"Hello my name is Dustin and I have a Val problem."

The first step is admitting the problem right?  I love Val and am on a quest to collect ALL of the varieties of Val. I have said it before and I'll sat it again. I would like val in my coffin if something happens to me.

Enter- The next Val. Val Asiatica Biwaensis.

What does it's name mean? I have no idea.  Something to do with Asia. Here is what we do know. It's pretty killer.

This Val is like a mix between Spiral Val (or Val Torta/ corkscrew) with the spiral leaves crossed with GIANT Val. 

Yep- it has a thicker and wider leaf to it with a neat spiral as well.

While I haven't had this plant in stock long as of 4.12.21 We have 4 x 8 foot by 8 foot basins of val. We know these plants.   THIS PLANT IS GOING TO MELT, BUT IT WILL COME BACK! EXPECT THEM TO BE SHORT, THEY ARE BEING TRIMMED BACK ! 

BUT like ALL Vallisneria it will grow back stronger. 

Because of the thicker leaves of this species of Vallisneria, it will take tad longer to grow back than a thin variety.

Customer Reviews

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Jungle Val and Thick Corkscrew Val

Was expecting bigger plants, up to 12" tall, with more developed roots. Was hoping for robust, fairly mature plants that would quickly send out runners. Both bunches were a bit droopy, lacked color. Will be satisfied if these plants perk up and grow to surface (29 and 55 gal tanks) before long. If they do well, establish themselves nicely, I will be ordering more plants of other types in the future. I took the package from the delivery man when he arrived and had the plants in tanks within 5 mins. Thank-you.

Awesome val’s

As always beautiful plants, fast shipping, awesome service. Thank you


Hell yeah DFT!! This is my first time ordering & I am definitely impressed. My order arrived quickly, plants were packaged great, and the colors are AMAZING. They’re all healthy & sturdy & have roots popping out all over the place. Also the prices are so fair for what you get. Perfect for someone like me... who wants a stunning tank but is also on a budget. This is absolutely my new go-to for plants!! If you’re thinking about ordering, but are on the fence... DO IT!!! You’ll be so happy you did!!👍🏼👍🏼

All Dustin's plants

I have ordered 2 seperate times and every plant has been amazing. Will continue ordering from him. In fact I already placed another order. Here is a sample of his amazing plants! Highly recommend!

strong plants

Very strong, good looking plants. Wish I had found these sooner.