Val Asiatica Biwaensis

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NOTE: The photos labeled "AS OF 6/12/23" what the plant looks like that you will receive. They are potted in house. 

"Hello my name is Dustin and I have a Val problem."

The first step is admitting the problem right?  I love Val and am on a quest to collect ALL of the varieties of Val. I have said it before and I'll sat it again. I would like val in my coffin if something happens to me.

Enter- The next Val. Val Asiatica Biwaensis.

What does it's name mean? I have no idea.  Something to do with Asia. Here is what we do know. It's pretty killer.

This Val is like a mix between Spiral Val (or Val Torta/ corkscrew) with the spiral leaves crossed with GIANT Val. 

Yep- it has a thicker and wider leaf to it with a neat spiral as well.

Because of the thicker leaves of this species of Vallisneria, it will take tad longer to grow back than a thin variety if they melt back.


Customer Reviews

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Usually i receive plants with a bunch of melting on them but these came in perfectly. Received an awesome bundle that i could replant too. I even received a mystery plant that i wasn’t expecting. Im highly satisfied

Mike Bills
Flowing leaves

The plant was full, I did have to cut back quite a few brown leaves but since there was a lot of the stem it still looked really nice in my aquarium.

Awesome val

Wanted some height in my aquarium and loved the spiral nature of these plants. They came a bit beat up but I can understand that shipping takes a toll on these plants and I know they’ll bounce back once acclimated.


Received in perfect condition. Bonus plant was included. Wonderful surprise! These plants are doing so much better than ones I bought on Etsy.

James Shelton

Ordered (5) pots. All were healthy and appropriately 6-8” long. Placed in a temporary holding tank until ready to use. After a week or 2, there was zero “Val melt” & all are thriving