Val Asiatica Biwaensis SHORT PLANTS (Thick Corkscrew val) 2 inch tall dense plug.

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STOP- see photos held up in greenhouse. 

YOU WILL GET 2-3 Nice stems/ roots with multiple leaves on each. (They are not as long as the photos ---yet)  We pot these in house they have grown back and sent runners off of the pot

"Hello my name is Dustin and I have a Val problem."

The first step is admitting the problem right?  I love Val and am on a quest to collect ALL of the varieties of Val. I have said it before and I'll sat it again. I would like val in my coffin if something happens to me.

Enter- The next Val. Val Asiatica Biwaensis.

What does it's name mean? I have no idea.  Something to do with Asia. Here is what we do know. It's pretty killer.

This Val is like a mix between Spiral Val (or Val Torta/ corkscrew) with the spiral leaves crossed with GIANT Val. 

Yep- it has a thicker and wider leaf to it with a neat spiral as well.

Because of the thicker leaves of this species of Vallisneria, it will take tad longer to grow back than a thin variety if they melt back.

Customer Reviews

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Plants arrived great and looked heathy. They were on the smaller side in my opinion, but I also enjoy watching my plants grow and and see how far they come in the process as well. So..🤷🏻‍♂️

The plant did melt after a week or two in my tank, but it does look like it’s trying to bounce back. Does seem to take longer compared to other plants I live kept. Hopefully it makes a comeback because they look great .

john benson
Tiny plant

I was waiting for this plant with anticipation, but I have to be honest in stating that it was very small. One "leaf" was 3" max and there were a couple other in the 1" range. A mistake of my unexperienced use of dirt substrate, I ended up planting it blindly and actually lost the plant. I just hope it pokes it's little leaves up through the substrate.

Aside from the small size, the plant was healthy appearing and very well rooted. I will buy more and if they are tiny again, I will let them sit in their pot until the grow big enough for planting.

Jessica Drage
Cork screw Val

Arrived in very good condition. Seems happy in my tank.

Plants seem fine - small quantity though

Plants look ok and will probably grow just fine. Bought two bunches - one had two plants and the other "bunch" had one plant in it. Plants were small, but had a lot of healthy looking roots.

Corkscrew Val and other plants

A little disappointed in how small the corkscrew val was, especially compared to the other plants I ordered. In fact I thought it was missing because the other plants were so nice and lush and they hid the small val. But it is healthy and hopefully will grow fast.