Val Asiatica Biwaensis (Thick Corkscrew val)

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"Hello my name is Dustin and I have a Val problem."

The first step is admitting the problem right?  I love Val and am on a quest to collect ALL of the varieties of Val. I have said it before and I'll sat it again. I would like val in my coffin if something happens to me.

Enter- The next Val. Val Asiatica Biwaensis.

What does it's name mean? I have no idea.  Something to do with Asia. Here is what we do know. It's pretty killer.

This Val is like a mix between Spiral Val (or Val Torta/ corkscrew) with the spiral leaves crossed with GIANT Val. 

Yep- it has a thicker and wider leaf to it with a neat spiral as well.

While I haven't had this plant in stock long as of 4.12.21 We have 4 x 8 foot by 8 foot basins of val. We know these plants.   THIS PLANT IS GOING TO MELT, BUT IT WILL COME BACK! EXPECT THEM TO BE SHORT, THEY ARE BEING TRIMMED BACK ! 

BUT like ALL Vallisneria it will grow back stronger. 

Because of the thicker leaves of this species of Vallisneria, it will take tad longer to grow back than a thin variety.

Customer Reviews

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Ashlee B
First Time with this plant

I wasn't very sure when ordering how it would look. But I am loving the corkscrew look. Healthy plant! They even sent extra since plant was recently shortened so great value buy!!

Cheryl Pangan

My plants arrived quickly and all in beautiful, healthy condition. Was amazed to wake up today and several of the vals, shot up overnight, hardly any melting at all on my triple red and the cabomba is so gorgeous, they even threw in an extra one..the dwarf sag was very very generous amount as well. My tank is so gorgeous now and fish are so happy with all the beautiful plants! All but the hornwort and duckweed are from dustins..You guys rock and never disappoint!! Very pleased!!

Incredible Plant!

The corkscrew Val plant that was sent to me is so beautiful. I ordered an ice pack, and all my plants came in with zero problems. I have them planted and they are looking amazing.

Daniel Hunley

This fit my wife's tank perfectly.. I ordered 2 bunches , and since the tips were messed up they kindly doubled my order . This company and team its on point ..

Sharon Howard
The Val

I love this plant. Gave me a 2nd for free cause it had a little transparent leaves- but it perked right up as soon as I trimmed the melts ones. They look fantastic after just a couple days.