Taro Plants (6 Types!)

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Never heard of Taro Plants? It's my pleasure to introduce you to them. Taro Plants have this amazing shape and color to them that make them so unique. These marginal plants love to be down in a nice pot of dirt about two or three inches into the water. Give them the most sunlight you can. Give these plants that hot sun and they will continually reward you with new, beautiful leaves about once a week.

Currently I am stocking 6 different varieties and will have pics up very soon. (Marble, Mogito, Imperial and BLACK Magic- yes- it is Magic too)

These plants make a great addition to any pond our out the back of any aquarium filter if you have high light. These plants can really crank out the color. I'd put them in a small 6 inch diameter pond with dirt and about an inch of pea gravel over that.

What you are getting is one plant with two or three leaves that stands about 6-7 inches tall. Give them the conditions described above and they will quickly get much bigger. Let me know which variety you would like in the order comments at checkout, or I'll pick you a nice one!

Please select from the 6 Different Variations available.... (We don't get 6 types of something we don't love!)

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Awesome combo
Black Magic and Imperial
Healthy plant but packaging is totally a disaster