Tank Tune-Up XL Fertilizer Package

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Why not have me take a look at your tank and tell you exactly how much to dose of all of the fertilizers and save some money in the process? Get the "Tank Tune-up XL Fertilizer Package" You Get....
  • One 500 ML Bottle of IRON
  • One Large 32 OZ Potassium
  • One, Two, Three- Yes- THREE, 500 ML Bottle of Plant Booster Liquid CO2

You also get One Pound of the exact RED CLAY I use in the substrate of all of my aquarium. All of these items purchased separately would cost you OVER $116 bucks. GET Them all shipped to your door for only $99.95 Here is the best part. This Package include a FREE 15 minute, "Tank Tune-up" Session with me over either Face Time or Google Hang out.

These session are super helpful and we will talk about what you have going on and I'll literally be looking at your aquarium and tell you what to do with everything you were just sent ----- NO GUESSING. You get my exact recommendations based on YOUR SETUP. All you need to do is pick a time slot off of my calendar that works best for you. I'll call you up and we will get you rolling It's time for a better planted tank with EXACT INSTRUCTIONS from yours truly. Tank on with this "Tank Tune-up XL Fertilizer Package" Get it now!

Dustin Looking at YOUR Tank

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