Thalia (TALL Skinny Unique Pond Plant)

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How would you like a hardy pond plant that grows tall and sends out unique flowers?

Enter the Thalia.

These Thalia have a unique leaf shape and TALL Stem that give you a nice contrast in your pond. 

Like all above water pond plants. They are great at nitrate absorption.  Plants that grow ABOVE the water line have the ability to get uninterrupted SUNSHINE and FULL CO2.   

I recommend you keep these Thalia in FULL SUNSHINE.   The will grow quickly for you under these conditions.

I run mine in about 6 inches of water. The rest of the plant way above the water.

I have kept the plant over winter in KY. (I can't promise anything wintering over in your pond if you are north of me)

I have found they can be split apart once they are going. (You will easily be able to see how the stalks of these plants will be able to be divided))

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So happy these up for sell now😍

Come on pay day getting me few