Spiky Moss- Selaginella Rupestris

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This is another super cool moss that we don't have around often.

This moss is similar to Christmas moss but has a more erratic pattern to it.

I think it would be great either tied to rock or piece of driftwood. 

We can include free wire if your order for would like to attach it to something. Just put a note in your order comments.

One a scale of 1 to 10. (1 being you could grow this in your toilet)  Spiky Moss is a 1.5.  (It takes just a touch more light than regular moss)

NOTE: I would spread this stuff way out and let it grow in. The less dense the planting the more light all parts will get and ultimately lead to more growth all around.

Customer Reviews

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Happy Customer

Ordered 2 of the Spiky Mosses and was given very generous portions! Well packaged and delivered! Very healthy and green! I attached it on some spider driftwood and left some free floating for my Rili Red Shrimp to hide in. The Spiky moss is on the right side of the aquarium. They even threw a small Java fern as a freebie! A+ Will order from again.

Danny Hale
so much and so pretty

ordered 2 packs and was able to completely cover my driftwood pieces. love how much it looks like tree moss. different from moss i’ve seen anywhere else. came well packaged, still really damp. will be looking forward to ordering more for my next tank.


Nice big portion of healthy moss! I have already placed another order.

James Nowak

This moss is different than anything else i found, was looking at moss balls and came across this, got a good amount, leave it to Dustin to find plants that are different and hard to find!

Kim Meter
Amazing Moss!

I was looking for something a bit different than your typical Java or Christmas moss and this was it! The moss arrived healthy and ready to go. Used some glue to attach it to a resin decoration and it looks amazing! Can't wait for my second order to arrive!