Salvinia Minima

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This is a new species of floating plant for us. Check out it's awesome looking hairs. It almost looks like a Venus Fly Trap, but it's not. Floating plants have the aerial advantage. So give this awesome looking plant a try while we have it in stock! 

With each portion, you will receive a small half dollar sized piece! They replicate rapidly though, so don't worry :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Sage Taylor

Love it! Perfect floating plants for my tank!

Angelo Villanueva

I was thinking about not giving it a poor rating because I know Dustin’s plants are top shelf. I know cause my last order of crypts came in rough shape but bounced back very nicely. This one is so far gone. I live in California and literally took 9days to get here. I know it’s a UPS PROBLEM but if you pay 9 bucks for shipping the least you can expect is for them to be delivered alive.

Chris Walsh
Cool floaters

These are really cool. Look like mini-Venus flytraps. Got a nice shine to them under the lights to. Refer these over duckweed, personally duck weed is the generic floating plant, these are stylish and cool looking

Pamela Goyette
Great looking leafy plant

Lots of leaves. Very hardy looking

Victoria Spofford
Fab floaters

Excellent packing. Arrived in perky shape and float perfectly for fish privacy