Salvinia Minima

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This is a new species of floating plant for us.

Check out it's awesome looking hairs. This plant has a sort of "Fuzz" or "hair" on it which we believe goldfish don't like the taste of.

This is a FAST Nitrate absorber. Like all floating plants, salvinia lives at the waters surface, ABOVE the water line where it has more access to readily available CO2 and light, making it "Work harder" for you.  This is also a great plant to block out excess light and avoid algae with it's ability to absorb nutrients faster from the water column than underwater growing plants.

With each portion, you will receive a half of a dollar bill portion. (Cut a dollar bill in half. They will cover that.)

UPDATE: We have been told by Luke's Goldies that GOLDFISH DON'T LIKE THE TASTE OF THIS PLANT.

Customer Reviews

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Salvinia minima

Very unique looking floating plant. Very generous portions. Thank you.

Jeremy H
Huge Portion!

These arrived to me in great shape after two days. Packaged well and still damp. Portion was the size of a Tupperware container. Excellent price. Thanks again Dustin’s!

Kendra b

Love this unique plant. I received more than I thought I would get and in great condition

Mike Browning
Big and a lot

The salvinias were healthy and Dustin gave me a great portion


I am so happy with this purchase!!! Generally when you looking online to to buy the price and quantity are ridiculous…. Dustin’s Fish tanks however are AMAZING! For the price and what I got was superb. I was able to divide them amongst 2 55gals with a pleasing amount. They were all in great condition and the I fully expect them to flourish. In the picture u won’t see the depth and I should have turned it over so u could see all the leaves but I will tell u this purchase was worth it 100%