Rotala Wallichii (Fluffy Red)

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Rotala Wallichii is a slightly more demanding plant. THEY ARE AMAZING RIGHT NOW.


We suggest High Lighting and co2 injection for best results. This isn't a beginner plant but it is beautiful! I give it a 5 on a difficulty scale from 1 to 10!

We have found it likes a tad more water flow with it's fine leaves.

It also likes a hard cut for more dense growth.  TRY IT

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Dawn Bowers
Fluffy is RIGHT

This beautiful plant barely made it in to my 35 gallon cube & I didn't even have it planted yet MY FISH WERE SWIMMING all thru it. ❤️♥️

Sharon M
Perfect Fluffy Red!

Well packed as always. Exactly what I was hoping for!

Stephanie W
Friendly fuzzy!

This plant is not only beautiful, but relatively easy to take care of! I especially love these plants for my betta tanks, they are fin friendly, and bettas seem to love them too! They are a great addition to your tank, I highly recommend!

Dustin L

This plant is fluffy! It’s red and it rocks! Looks so good.

Alexander Avallone
Quality and quantity

I've ordered twice from Dustin so far, and they come in perfectly packaged, box is not squashed and broken and came on time. I greatly enjoy the look of these plants, they have monster roots, SERIOUSLY. I also love the wrapping of the plant. I've hated when plants come in gels or beads, all the extra cleaning and handling doesn't work. But Dustin wraps them great, on a little rock, and it's so easy to unpackaged them all. Dustin, I thank you for you making my tank look amazing. Here is my tank. Sooner than later my Petco plants will be ripped out and replaced with Dustin's plants. Tank on!