Riccardia sp (Pelia Moss AKA Easiest Moss we Sell)

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This is a more "wirery" moss.  It is more stiff and "Brillo" pad like if that makes sense.

We have found that it is a bit easier to contain because of its more durable nature.

This moss is more dense and less flowy than other types of moss like a taiwan or flame moss.

If you have fish that might potentially forage on plants, this would be one to try as it might handle the abuse of Cichlids or Goldfish.

Low light or high light, this plant doesn't care. (Though it can handle high light, it doesn't like super high temps (above say 82.)

On a scale of 1 to 10. One being you could grow it in your toilet. THIS PLANT IS A 1!

Customer Reviews

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The shrimp love it!

Arrived in an easy to open plastic bag. Healthy & easy to install. Needed more coverage for the shrimplets and have yet to source this particular moss locally. Turns out the kuhli's love it too. Beautiful plant!

Natural and Easy

I glued this moss to some rock in my 10 gallon and I think I’m a moss addict now! Can’t wait for it to come back in stock. I had no die-off and moss came in healthy and vibrant!

Why newspaper???!!

Nice big bunches of moss, but my only complaint is the amount of newspaper rolled up with the wet moss causing it to fall apart and making really difficult to separate from each other.
I’m my opinion I think it would ship just fine with a little water and A sealed plastic bag without the newspaper to keep it moist.
Overall the plants were healthy and a good amount was shipped.

Chonky amount!!

This is where you get your moss! I was really happy with the amount received. This was so much I was able to add it to 4 tanks! This ish is expensive. Obviously I want as much as I can get. First time I've received moss so green. Will purchase again. I'm lazy and tossed it in.

Excellent carpet moss

Ordered 5 bunches, made a massive hideout for my shrimp. Healthy, green, dense. Have ordered from Dustin's several times now, I no longer look anywhere else for plants