Riccardia sp (Pelia Moss AKA Easiest Moss we Sell)

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This is a more "wirery" moss.  It is more stiff and "Brillo" pad like if that makes sense.

We have found that it is a bit easier to contain because of its more durable nature.

This moss is more dense and less flowy than other types of moss like a taiwan or flame moss.

If you have fish that might potentially forage on plants, this would be one to try as it might handle the abuse of Cichlids or Goldfish.

Low light or high light, this plant doesn't care. (Though it can handle high light, it doesn't like super high temps (above say 82.)

On a scale of 1 to 10. One being you could grow it in your toilet. THIS PLANT IS A 1!

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Mike Stroup
Unusual looking moss.

Large portions provided, deep rich green plants. It looks great as a contrast to other greens in aqua scape.

JNell Sutherland
Great looking moss

The moss arrived in great condition and nice sized portions. So far the moss is doing well in my aquariums. Definitely recommend this shop for live plants.

John Anderson
First time customer, very satisfied

This was the cheapest source for Riccardia I could find online at the moment. It arrived on time and was just fine despite the cold weather. It was more moss than expected too, enough to nicely decorate a 10-inch piece of Mopani wood as well as a 6-inch piece. It seems to be doing well so far. Overall I'm very satisfied with this purchase, and I'll definitely be buying from this store again in the future.

Christina Shealy
Good, healthy moss.

Two good clumps of moss with dark green coloring. Couldn't ask for more.

Jennifer Mazzarella
Not great

Got my two plants, they had worms and snails. Which I understand can happen. And they were not “fluffy” and full as I expected. I washed them, put them in tank, and they haven’t flourished. They don’t look well. Not sure of the issue but they seemed to be a “dud.”