Red Root Floater (Wow Floating Plant) Phyllanthus Fluitans (GREEN/Red ON TOP)

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STOP: The photos labeled "AS OF 11.02.22" is what the product that we are selling currently looks like. (The are actually more redish than this , but this is close)

Want a punch of EASY Red?

Want a plant that absorbs nitrates quickly?

Want a SUPER Fast Grower? 

Enter Red Root Floaters! (Phyllanthus Fluitans)

Like Most floating plants.... Red Root floaters grow like CRAZY. (Floating plants get MORE light than regular plants and because they are ABOVE the water line get WAY more CO2...ala Super fast growth)    How fast do red root floaters grow?  They grow so fast USDA did a study and found them able to grow in the wild in south Florida.

So yes- this is an EASY PLANT. 

10-15 leaves is a portions. Portion size is the first photo with the ruler. 

These are RED PLANTS for us as we use this thing called the sun.  Under lower light conditions these plants will turn a more green look.  The RED comes with high light. 

NO CO2 so special anything needed BUT LIGHT.

NOTE: We do our best not to ship this with any other pest plants but you might get a piece of Azolla accidentally in with it. LOOK OVER your plants before you put them in your tank.

THIS IS A STEAL for only $11.95. Buy them ONCE and soon you'll be passing them out to your friends with over flow!



Customer Reviews

Based on 611 reviews
Jacob Bunt
A beautiful, big order!

I received a nice big bag of stunning RR Floaters. Super impressed with the quality and the information shared along the way. Dustin will be my go to for plants!!

Thank you!

Got bonus

Plants arrived healthy and there was so many more than I imagined! They've only been in my tank a few days so I can't say how they'll hold up but they arrived healthy for sure.

R Talarico
Great plants, not red at all

There were a lot of plants in the bag for the price, and while they were clean and healthy the roots were decidedly not red.

Look great!

The leaves are green and roots are red. They float. I received a whole handful so a good portion of the tank is covered.

Dustin Schafer
Got the hook up

Dustin set me up with a huge bag of this and I was stunned. Was expecting a couple bunches with roots. Got like 40+. Amazing deal and the fish love it.