Pothos (Epipremnum aureum (Devil's Ivy / Pothos)

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AS OF 12.12.22 we are selling the variegated version. 

THIS IS AN ABOVE WATER PLANT. This does not go IN the water.

Got fish that eat plants?   How about putting the plants where the fish can't eat them?!

Enter- Pothos. 

Again- This is not an AQUARIUM plant.  This an ABOVE the aquarium plant. 

Pothos... It has been called "The Easiest houseplant"   So easy, you can stick out outta the back of your fishtank.

Here is how it works and should work for you...

Plants absorbe Nitrates.  (both underwater and above it.)     Plants can absorb Nitrates when THREE conditions are met... it this order. 

1. They have good light.   2. When they have readily available CO2.   3. Readily available nutrients.

ABOVE THE WATER of your aquarium you can knock out 1 and 2.  This is called the "Areal advantage"   Part 3.  The Pothos stuck into the back of your aquarium filter....Sucking out the nitrates.

Pothos is a Marvelous plant for Nitrate Absorption!  It is a FAST Grower so it will be sucking down the nitrates in your tank....FAST.

Just to beat this point home: You have heard of aquaponics? (Lord help me if you haven't)   A large mass of fish live in an area and their poopy water is then pumped to plants who "EAT" the waste and filter the water.

Same concept here only - We aren't going to eating the fish or the Pothos.

NOTE: I hear that Pothos is POISONOUS to cat.  My cat Gogo was too stupid to ever try it....Don't let your cat :)



Customer Reviews

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Christopher Friday
Great value

Got these on sale and it was a large bunch of pothos looked great and healthy

Randy Heim

Good color and size for the price

Lindsey Godsmark
So pretty!

I love adding this element to the back/top of my tank! They arrived healthy and well packaged! Will buy again!

Steven Sheldon
Got more than I asked for.

I ordered 3, they sent 4. Package even had a handwarmer in it to keep the plants warm during shipping. Handwarmer was still warm.


While the plants did arrive healthy and in good condition. They were not what I was expecting. I have rinsed them off and put them in my aquarium. We will see how they turn out.