Pointy Swords. Unique AMAZON Sword.

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Do you want a great HARDY Sword with a unique look to it? Say hello to POINTY Swords.

These are as hardy and rugged as your regular sword but with a more pointy leaf.

Like most swords, these Pointy swords are a heavy root feeder and like a good substrate or at the least, some clay under their roots.

They get BIG

Grab a great background plant, grab a Pointy Amazon Sword.

AS OF 8-2- These Point Swords have been grown UNDERWATER for over 30 days. They have NICE Roots and are ready EXPLODE in your Aquarium! Not tall yet, but that is easily fixed by you planting it ;)

By the way, If you love the Pointy Leaf, you will love Decumbens!

Care Scale of 1-10: ( 1- it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)

Point Swords are a 2 (only because it might lose a few leaves that might have been grown above water.) This plant LOVES good nutrients at the substrate or heavy fertilization...


Can handle super low lighting, grows faster in high light

Where to Plant:

Background. Might be small at first but give it some time and it will be a monster in your background.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Was drawn to the unique look of this

I wanted a sword plant that had narrow leaves and grew lengthy and I found this from you site. Most swords usually have broader leaves so I wanted some that were different to fill out some of the back of my Angelfish tank. It might takes some time before I can propagate them to spread out more but looks good so far.


Dropping by to leave my second review with some photos because of how awesome these plants are. They arrived a little late due to a snow storm but Dustin reached out to let me know about the delay without me even having to ask! The UPS box looked like it had been through hell and back but the plants were fine due to fine interior packaging! They been in for about 4 days now and they’re starting to livings’ up! I’ll be ordering again!

Excited for these new plants

I received two very healthy looking groups of the sword and each bunch had more then 6-7 good healthy leaves. I am looking forward to seeing these after they acclimate and shoot out some new growth.


Such good color right out of the box, shipped faster than expected

Big healthy bunches

Just setting up my tank again after two years down. Purchased these for their look in the background and on the sides of the tank. Separated the bunches and had enough to make a nice area on one end of my tank and scattered some through the background in my 55 gallon tank. Plants were well rooted and have shown very little to no signs of shock since planting. I did have a bit of trouble getting the newspaper off the plants. But they were securely wrapped, packaged and no damage during shipping.