Pointy Swords. Unique AMAZON Sword.

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Do you want a great HARDY Sword with a unique look to it? Say hello to POINTY Swords.

These are as hardy and rugged as your regular sword but with a more pointy leaf.

Like most swords, these Pointy swords are a heavy root feeder and like a good substrate or at the least, some clay under their roots.

They get BIG

Grab a great background plant, grab a Pointy Amazon Sword.

AS OF 6-20-21 These Point Swords have been grown UNDERWATER for over 20 days. They have NICE Roots and are ready EXPLODE in your Aquarium! Not tall yet, but that is easily fixed by you planting it ;)

By the way, If you love the Pointy Leaf, you will love Decumbens!

Care Scale of 1-10: ( 1- it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)

Point Swords are a 2 (only because it might lose a few leaves that might have been grown above water.) This plant LOVES good nutrients at the substrate or heavy fertilization...


Can handle super low lighting, grows faster in high light

Where to Plant:

Background. Might be small at first but give it some time and it will be a monster in your background.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Lawrence Thomas

The Sword I received was beautiful. It's been two days and it's still doing well. I plan on ordering more from here.

Daina Larkin

These have thrived in a tank with my severum and acaras which is a massive win for me, will be buying more soon.

Jen B
Small but great roots

I ordered one plant. I got two bundles with three sections of plant each. The plants were 3-4 inches tall, had several stems on each. Most leaves were green, but a few were yellowing. I’d say all looked generally healthy and although they were smaller than I thought they’d be, they’re quick growers and I got more plants than I ordered.

Vinny G
Another amazing shipment

Plants came in looking great and Dustin even hooked me up with extras, multiple stems with each plant all healthy and looking great, always satisfied with Dustin's team for extra care and quick delivery thanks again looking forward to my next purchase

Roy North

Great experance had what i wanted came in good shape well packed.