Pointy Swords. Unique AMAZON Sword.

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Do you want a great HARDY Sword with a unique look to it? Say hello to POINTY Swords.

These are as hardy and rugged as your regular sword but with a more pointy leaf.

Like most swords, these Pointy swords are a heavy root feeder and like a good substrate or at the least, some clay under their roots.

They get BIG

Grab a great background plant, grab a Pointy Amazon Sword.

AS OF 6-20-21 These Point Swords have been grown UNDERWATER for over 20 days. They have NICE Roots and are ready EXPLODE in your Aquarium! Not tall yet, but that is easily fixed by you planting it ;)

By the way, If you love the Pointy Leaf, you will love Decumbens!

Care Scale of 1-10: ( 1- it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)

Point Swords are a 2 (only because it might lose a few leaves that might have been grown above water.) This plant LOVES good nutrients at the substrate or heavy fertilization...


Can handle super low lighting, grows faster in high light

Where to Plant:

Background. Might be small at first but give it some time and it will be a monster in your background.

Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Gregory Valentine

My expectations were not met, with this order. There were more yellow leaves than green. I picked the yellow ones off and used the remaining.

Alyssa K.

Arrived nice and green! Can’t wait to see them thrive in my tank!

Luke Shockey
I super stoked

Just got my first order from Dustin & the team. I have been watching his YouTube videos since I was 13 & now at 23 years old I finally got back into the hobby & im very happy with what I got. My Local fish stores could never compare.

Heather Smith

Great plant...always love a sword plant

Kathi Duvallk
2nd Order and Loved It!

I had ordered once before as my first go at live plants. They melted then I got a better light and they took off. Just received this shipment and these plants were received so healthy! Very happy. I’m reading and learning and it’s paying off, but these plants were all amazing and plentiful. Will be buying from Dustin’s again!