Pogostemon helferi AKA Dr Seuss Plant (Downoi) SALE

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NOTE: The plant that you will receive looks like the photos labeled "AS OF 9.21" 

If Dr. Seuss had a tank...this would be in it.

Want a wicked looking foreground plant?  This is it.  This plant is a wild one, and we don't have it often.

Curly leaves that Stay Short.  This might be one of the most UNIQUE Foreground plants we have ever carried.   It's wild look will make a great contrast to a low carpet of round plants like baby tears, or a grass mat like a dwarf sag.

I have seen it get about 3 inches or so tall. You can pull stems off and replant to propagate it.

STOP- This plant sucks to ship- it might get a tad hurt in transit. (We often cage it with another pot over top) Look at it's leaf structure, its fragile. If you send us a picture right away (24 hours from delivered) we will work with you- not after)

NOTE: I would advise that you are successfully keeping some intermediate plants before jumping on this one.   (This shouldn't be your first aquarium plant :)  You could kill this plant if you don't have good light or substrate)

We have found Pogostemon helferi to be a HEAVY root feeder. This plants likes above average light as well.

On a scale of 1 being grows in your toilet, 10 being impossible.  This is about a 6.5 -7 Substrate is key here. You can see the roots on these plants... they want food where they eat!.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Leanne Bartlett

What a wonderful little plant that made the 4 day journey to NM in great shape. Lots of shoots, so 3 for the price of one!


Such a great little plant. It came with lots of side shoots and the leaves were in great condition. The plant was a lot smaller than I expected, but it looks great in my nano tank and look forward to watching it grow.

Marina McKinley
Unique and Stunning

Came in perfect with no damage or squished leaves. I love this tiny oddball plant! It looks great in nano scapes, and high light keeps it compact and cute. As with all of the plants from Dustin, no melting and no dropped leaves!

Shannon Raemer
Perfect foreground accent

How adorable! Great for aquascape

Not ready for sale

I did not get a plant as pictures or described. Several stem cuttings buried in rock wool, starting to root and bud. No full rosettes or strong growth, so it all disinterested as soon as I tried to clean it all off and plant it out. Very disappointed.