Myriophyllum matogrossense (Dark and Fluffy)

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NOTE: You will get 6 to 8 stems UNBOUND and hooked up. These are a hot and hardy plant as of 11.18

Myriophyllum matogrossense is a beautiful dark red.

If you want an EASY contrast of fluffy color, this Myrio is for you. We have kept it in lower light conditions with success. Like nearly all plants, this one will do better and grown faster in more light.

All Myrio have that great fully texture to them. This one is no exception.  This plant would make a great natural spawning mop for Rainbow Fish or a great hiding spot for live bearer fry.

Propagation is simple. You just pinch it our cut it at the level you would like and replant the cutting.  This also will make the Myrio bushier.

The leaves or fronds make an awesome fan shape. This plant is new to us. It is comparable to 

Myriophyllum tuberculatum.    (If you are thinking of trying a Myrio, start with this one!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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awesome red fluffiness!

These are an AWESOME BEAUTIFUL dark red and FLUFFY. Only problem is, as always, I ordered too much because they're FLUFFY and had to put some in the other tank. I haven't had luck with fluffy plants before, but these have been doing okay so far.


Plant arrived in great shape and portion and size of plants were great. I had bad luck with a different type of myrio plant in the past, but decided to try again. Weeks later, some needles at the top of plant seem to have fallen off but the plant has gotten a lot taller.

Gary Humphreys
Red Red Red

Wasn't sure about this one but very glad I did I'm one of those fish guys that play with plants my fish love this stuff

G. McCormack
Big and bold

Very nice big and bold plant, looks very nice in my aquarium as always the packaging was nicely done and the plant was in good condition. I the the fluff of the plant very nice.

Gregory Jones
Nice plants

Beautiful packing of plants. Quick delivery.
They are doing well.