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I am pleased to announce a wonderful new edition to our already solid ludwigia line up...

This is Ludwigia Arcuata.   This thin leaf Ludwigia will make a fantastic contrast in your aquarium....

Generally speaking the thinner the leaves the more hard to keep the plant. This ludwigia is not a beginner plant however if you have decent lights and are already keeping other stem plants I would give this plants a try...

We have done the work converting it. All you need to do is love it ;)

Note: We wrap these carefully in paper to ship them, but they might not be flawless as the leaves are so thin and we can’t contol the mail man ;)

Customer Reviews

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Randy H
Who doesn't like Ludwigia?

This doesn't seem to be the fastest growing Ludwigia but it is a definite looker! The thin leaves and bold coloring make it a great addition to my Ludwigia collection. I had no issues with this plant at all. Would highly recommend!


Very healthy upon arrival. Great red color. Packaging better than any other I’ve seen. Nice job!

Marina McKinley
No Melting, Just Perfection

Every time I have bought a stem plant, especially ludwigia, they melt and have a 50% shot at coming back, but Dustin's just kept right on growing like it was never pulled up and shipped across the country. No CO2 needed. This thing resists algae and hasn't dropped a single leaf. I am finally enjoying my fish tank again.

Michael Hissom
plant shipment

Sadly I think the hot weather took its toll on the plants. I think I can still get them to grow but they were a bit soft and mushy. I'll give you three stars but I think the weather is the culprit here. I will order again, hard to find the selection dustin has and I hope for some more rarer plants in the future as he builds his business. I am looking for Didiplis diandra and Barclay longifolia to name but a couple.

Michael Ernzen
Doing well so far

I have only had this plant for about a week and a half in a gravel tank and it seems to be really doing well. Note: I kind of protect my stem plants from the gravel by leaving the foam wrap at the base, but with the rubber band removed. Not sure this is the correct way to do it, but thought I'd give it a shot.