Ludwigia "Triple Red" Easy RED aquarium plant

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The Ludwigia palustris "Triple Red" looks like it sounds. Also called 'super red' A almost purplish burgundy color on top of the leaves while the bottoms are almost pink. All attached to a crimson red stem. The "Triple Red" will leave you wanting more! Buy them while we have them!

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Customer Reviews

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James Horne
Very Healthy

I received this plant later than when it was suppose to arrive, and in doing so Dustin sent me another one. I have ordered from this company 4 times now and this is the first time this has happened, everyone is short. The plants arrived in insanely good health; usually plants of this kind tend to lose quite a few leaves during travel, but only one or two leaves total came off from both plants. They look exactly like the picture and I will definitely be returning in the future!

Shasta Hartley
beautiful addition

I received the Ludwigiavia via mail about 2 weeks ago. It's condition was healthy, and still thriving in my tank. My fishy love exploring and hiding around it. Ludwigia is a beautiful addition to my tank. Thanks!

Tim Naumann

A lot of stems in each in each portion look healthy hopefully they settle nicely into my tank.

Kimberly Eichling
Love these

Lovingly packaged beautiful plants. Seller is a great communicator

Peter Anderson
Big and Red!

Received large, spectacularly red healthy plants! They're settling in nicely.