Ludwigia "Triple Red" Easy RED aquarium plant

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The Ludwigia palustris "Triple Red" looks like it sounds. Also called 'super red' A almost purplish burgundy color on top of the leaves while the bottoms are almost pink. All attached to a crimson red stem.

Despite it's Popping Red Color. it is NOT THAT HARD TO KEEP.  This is similar to the classic Ludwigia Repens, only this variant has been crossed and propagated to be RED.... TRIPLE RED.

If you are keeping beginner plants alive, try this beautiful blood red bad girl of a plant out :) 

The more light you give it the more red it will stay, but it does not require a ton of light to keep it's red color.

The "Triple Red" will leave you wanting more! Buy them while we have them!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Red Plants...again

I used the generous coupon on my first order of three Ludwigia palustris "Triple Red" plants. This order of five super reds has filled in the rear area of the tank. They look great against the black back wall.

I've never been disappointed with the plants from Dustin. They arrive healthy and so well packed. Quite impressive.

Brian Krug
Generous and Beautiful

Arrived in two days in beautiful condition. I have had them a week and are thriving I will get my plants from Dustin.

Steve Mc
Beautiful Red Plants

Plants arrived quickly and in GREAT shape. Generous cuttings per plants. Professional level packaging...impressive. Plants were well rooted, making them easy to plant. They stood up proud in a few days. Within a couple of weeks, they are thriving - in gravel. Plan on using my 10% coupon to purchase more reds. Dustin is the go to guy for my aquarium plants from now on. Can't think of another vendor that does it better.

Armando Bernal

Good shape, nice roots

Travis Till

Great plant received very healthy and beautiful.