Ludwigia "Triple Red" Easy RED aquarium plant

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The Ludwigia palustris "Triple Red" looks like it sounds. Also called 'super red' A almost purplish burgundy color on top of the leaves while the bottoms are almost pink. All attached to a crimson red stem.

Despite it's Popping Red Color. it is NOT THAT HARD TO KEEP.  This is similar to the classic Ludwigia Repens, only this variant has been crossed and propagated to be RED.... TRIPLE RED.

If you are keeping beginner plants alive, try this beautiful blood red bad girl of a plant out :) 

The more light you give it the more red it will stay, but it does not require a ton of light to keep it's red color.

The "Triple Red" will leave you wanting more! Buy them while we have them!

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Customer Reviews

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Melissa W
Triple Red Ludwigia

The plants looked great and they arrived well packaged as usual. They are nice stems, very long and very dark red at the tops. But, let's talk shipping. I ordered, & got confirmation right away. 28 minutes later I got confirmation it was shipping. 21 hours later it was in my hands. 5 minutes later they were in water with an air stone until I could get them in the tank. Wow!

William Wertman

Realy nice bright red healthy plants
Get packaging and shipping. Very pleased with Dustins plants. Definitely would recommend.

Red live plants

The plants sent were great. The temperture here was 100 and the plants were pretty hot. Luckly the mailman rang my door bell and i was home. You sent alot of plants and i appricate that. I do have trouble keeping the red ones they seem to disappear. Ido use your plant food. Thank you for your order this is about my 3rd time ordering. I have a 30gal and a 10gal .tank.Your plants are better than the ones at the pet stores.

Sebastian Sassi
Great coloration!

Ludwigia showed up looking quite healthy and the moist wrapping kept it healthy and robust en route.

Alvin Toro
Amazing plant and quality!

Just got back from being out of town for a few days and I left my plant order an extra day in the mail. In the meantime I jist had also bought plants from the LFS where I was at. Let's just say I was shocked how amazing my plants where packed! They looked 10x better than the plants I bought at the LFS that didn't go through 4 days or so of being in the mail.

Also the packaging was outstanding! Came with a discount code for my next purchase, a sticker which is pretty cool to get and best part is I received an extra plant! Ordered 3 and received 4!

100% will only be ordering through Dustin's in the future!