Hygrophila Salicifolia

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We have become known for our Hygrophilas. 

This Hygrophila Salicifolia is one that you must try no matter what skill level.  It is a relentless plants. You have probably heard of water wisteria.  This plant is it's cousin if you will.

We love this hygro because it brings you that big strong stem plants look that you want as your background.   It might pause for just a second to get rolling in your aquarium but rest assured, as long as you are running even remotely decent water, this plant will THRIVE for you.

You could pull out each individual stem out of the bunches we sell and it would branch out on its own.  (This is a favorite plant during our $1 per stem sale for this very reason. The single stems are WOW when left to grow out on their own)

If you are running lower light aquariums this plant will be a tab more leggy and thinner.

On a scale of 1-10   I give this a two for ease of keeping.


Customer Reviews

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Douglas Wilson

Packaged well. I split mine along the back wall of my 55. Thank you for making planted tanks easy.🤙

Kevin Saul
Beautiful with a ton of roots

I've been in the fish hobby for close to 30 years, planted tanks for the last few. Hands down the order I got today from Dustin's guys was the best ever! I ordered 4 different stem plants and I got a very generous portion of each, all in great shape with enough roots to choke a horse. These guys Walk It Like They Talk It and I'll be doing business with them exclusively when it comes to live plants from now on.

Some dude
Top notch

The packaging should be industry standard, i ordered alot of stuff but the reviews are legit all the same. I have zero problems, pests, complaints. You can tell there was meticulous cultivation and planning done. The most vibrant, alive, mature, and more than fair count of plants.

I legit see no reason to order from anyone else anymore. Ine wven arrived a day late in the cols. This is how you do the things.

Kevin Davis
Good looking and big plants

Great looking plants I thank I just found my new place to buy all my place fast shipping

Harley S
Great plants

I’m starting a new tank, and the plants I ordered are looking great in it!