Heat Pack 72 Hour

Heat Pack 72 Hour

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Do you want to make sure your plants keep warm on the trip? 

Better grab a heat pack.

NOTE: These are a must for anyone, anywhere cold.  We are providing them at our cost as well to make sure your stuff is protected for 72 hours.

Grab a heat pack NOW. (Why risk it?)

While the heat pack might show up colder, these heat packs slowly release heat though out the trip.

They are intentionally put OUTSIDE of the plant pouch or they would slowly cook your plants. (Ask me how we learned this. :)

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Schaeg
Didn't Receive

Although I ordered the heat pack (knowing that during shipping the temperature in my area was going to be below freezing), the heat pack was not included in my order. Fortunately the plants seemed to survive. It has only been a couple of days, so hopefully there is no long term damage.

Shirley C

Heat pack stayed warm. Plants looked great.

Sherry P
Heat pack works

My package was plenty warm when I got it. ☺️


These plants are great! Em quicly They send them quickly and securely. Have several orders with them,
no issues at all.

Richard Crumrine
Plant guy

The plants came in healthy. Only had them a few days. Looking forward to see how these plants grow and fill out.