Frog bit (the perfect Floater)

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How would you like the perfect floating plant?  A plant that doesn't take over like duckweed?  A plant that you can easily remove if it is blocking out too much light?

A plant that has the most symmetrical from of any floating plant?

Say hello to Frog bit.   What is it's scientific name?  In the words of a great southern plant supplier... "Honey, it didn't come with a birth certificate."  (We believe it's Limnobium Spongia)

This is cool round little plant.

It has leaves that are around an inch in diameter.  They are nearly perfect circles.  Unlike a dwarf lily or a red tiger lotus these leaves have a thicker texture to them.  They seem to be a bit more durable. 

NOTE- You might get a “ taller “ thicker looking leaf than shown. (Dime diameter) We have some of it growing tightly in which case it will grow taller. It will spread out later.

While I don't keep plant eating fish, I would guess these would hold up to plant eaters a tad better than a duckweed.

These would make a great edition to a tank that is suffering from an algae problem as they would be able to cover a decent amount of surface area in a small amount of time.

LIKE ALL FLOATING PLANTS... These have the "Aerial advantage" that is to say they can get more both more light and CO2 from the waters surface.  (CO2 is easier to obtain form the atmosphere than in water, and the light- any light- doesn't need to penetrate any water at all)

What I like about this plant is how it stays as ONE unit and makes a "mini lily pad" setup for our smaller indoor setups.

GRAB SOME FROG BIT while we have it in stock.

One Portion has 5 or more leaves on it.

Customer Reviews

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Big leaves in splendid conditions

I could never be more happy to have purchased frogbits from Dustin . They are arrived well packaged and in perfect conditions , long roots and big leaves which is all you want with frogbits , and they are growing now really fast. I strongly suggest Dustin , and despite my wallet s feelings, he ll be happy to know i m fulfilling the cart again.

William Gohranson

Arrived in great condition! My beta wasted no time in checking them out! 👊

carol raffaele

Great selection of plants. Packaged great, no damage to the plants. Fast shipping

Christi Pilcher

Showed up looking great! Has done very well in short time i have had it and is already beginning to spread! ❤️❤️❤️

Cynthia Way
Great plants!

Everything arrived in good condition and as described!