Fissidens Fontanus (Fissidens moss)

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NOTE: The photo with the ruler is what 1 portion size looks like. 


This is a SUPER hardy moss.  It has a slightly stronger, thicker feel to it. It is more stout if you will than other mosses.

Like almost all mosses. this moss can handle a variety of conditions. We keep it in a 33L that gets late afternoon sun.  We run the temps in that tank around 68 to 72 through out the day.  (Generally speaking- Higher temps will yield faster growth with most plants and mosses)

This Fissidens Moss would make a great foreground plants to almost any aquarium.  If you were going to try a moss to keep with GOLDFISH- This would be the moss to try it with.

You will get a portion around the size of a golf ball.

Customer Reviews

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Wendy Tucker
Beautiful Moss!

I am very pleased with the Fissidens Moss I received from Dustin! I was surprised by the large quantity I received! I am using this moss in my newly established blue dream neocardinia shrimp tank, and I know it will make great cover for the shrimp and their babies! Highly recommend this moss and ordering from Dustin!

Will Brown
Love it!

Was choosy when looking for moss when I designed my Bonsai for the tank. Dustin's was one of the few places that had this one. It came well packaged, healthy and good sized portions. It gave the tree a good start and I can't wait until it grows in!

Nick Williams
Kentucky must have giant golf balls

I got a lot more than a golf ball sized portion probably more like a giant handful, The portion I got filled up the entire bag it ships in and covered a 10 inch piece of malaysian driftwood with more to spare. I had to throw a decent chunk of it in with my turtle.

Sharron Miller
Nice Fissiden moss!!

I received 2 nice size bunches of moss. Received quickly. Arrived nice and healthy. I will be ordering again from Dustin. Very happy with my order.

Tom Balarezo
Big portion

I was expecting a smaller portion but I received a big one. Super green and in great condition.