Fissidens Fontanus (Fissidens moss)

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This is a SUPER hardy moss.  It has a slightly stronger, thicker feel to it. It is more stout if you will than other mosses.

Like almost all mosses. this moss can handle a variety of conditions. We keep it in a 33L that gets late afternoon sun.  We run the temps in that tank around 68 to 72 through out the day.  (Generally speaking- Higher temps will yield faster growth with most plants and mosses)

This Fissidens Moss would make a great foreground plants to almost any aquarium.  If you were going to try a moss to keep with GOLDFISH- This would be the moss to try it with.

You will get a portion around the size of a golf ball.



Customer Reviews

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What I got wasn't Fissidens

When I opened the surprisingly big box what I found was a HUGE mass of what looks to be Fontinalis (Willow Moss), not Fissidens fontanus. Perhaps you folks confused the somewhat similar Genus name of Willow Moss with the specific epithet of Fissidens, I don't know. I will say it was well packaged with a heat pack and arrived in good shape. It just wasn't Fissidens fontanus.

Big portion

I was expecting a smaller portion but I received a big one. Super green and in great condition.


I ordered 4 orders of fissidens and he sent me 5! not only that, I thought that i would be getting 4 golf ball sizes. Honestly, 1/4 of what he gave me is what I expected to get... You're the man!!

There was a ton!

As others have said, there was a ton. I ordered two "golf balls" and got enough to completely fill a 2.5 gallon tank. Unfortunately, I had to remove a star because all of my plants were packed in the same bag with pieces of wet newspaper. It was a huge mess untangling and cleaning them. I'll have fissidens in my myrio for weeks and vice versa. When I finally got most of the fissidens separated out, I had to rinse the clump in a bowl under my sink, which was far from ideal. All those chunks of wet newspaper and stray pieces of moss going down my garbage disposal... but there was no other way. Fortunately, fissidens in native here in Missouri, so I don't feel too bad if some escapes into the streams.


i have java moss in my shrimp tank. the shrimp do go on it, but when i put this in they swarmed to it!!! as i am writing this i have them almost covering it! i got way way more than when i ordered this java moss. i just ordered more! my shrimp colony is growing and i will put some babies in a new tank. so need this moss!! thank you so much!!!