Echinodorus Vesuvius "Spiral Sword"

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NOTE: The photos labeled "AS OF 11.02.22" are the plants that we are currently selling. There is a POTTED version, which we just imported and was grown above the water. Our own employee, Joe, pots these. There is a BARE ROOT version, that has been growing underwater for 6 months in the Greenhouse. Shop Now! 

Echinodorus Vesuvius.

This is a rad little plant. "Echinodorus" = Sword, Sword = Root Feeder.

Vesuvius= Volcano in clue how it got the name!

However this plant has a spiral shaped leaf coming out of the center of it.  We have photos showing how we have ALREADY STARTED THIS FOR YOU.

 This is one of the reward for growing plants UNDER WATER... You get to see how it will change.  The photos show how this plant is losing its above water growth yellowing leaves and focusing its energy on sending up leaves that will live under water...spiraling under water in your aquarium.

This is more of a mid-ground plant.  I have only seen them get 4 to 5 inches tall.

YOU WANT GOOD SUBSTRATE TO FEED THIS PLANT- Plain grave and root tabs won't cut it.

On a scale of 1-10 this plant is a 5.

They don't last- grab one.


Customer Reviews

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I thought I would give this plant a try. Every tank I have has plants, even the saltwater tank has plants, so I figured I'd give this gorgeous curly leafed Vesuvius a chance. I've got it planted in dirt and can't wait to see how it adjusts to its new home! Plant arrived looking amazing! I bought the style that was not potted so it wouldn't need to adjust to under water conditions. Love buying plants from Dustin!

Javier Cardenas
Beautiful and awesome

Well packaged and came in a lot faster than expected looking great

michael cooper
What happened, when you first started the business it was good

Poor quality

We take great pride in having the best plants around. If there’s a problem we will fix it. These plans we have had under water for weeks. If you would like to send a photo of what you got to we will try to fix something for you

Sandy Groves
They are cute

I like these because they are small and look good towards the front on the tank. They are healthy and doing great!

Teresa B
Love the Vesuvius!

I've wanted some of these for a while now, and tried a few other vendors, but nothing survived (roots were mush and the plant died before it converted to underwater growth)...I have much higher hopes now that Dustin has them! The plants look great - at least half of the leaves have already converted and the roots are nice & white and healthy...can't wait to see what they do in dirted tank!!