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I am comfortable with saying I am the current President of the Dirted Tank. This is the highly acclaimed, DIRTED TANK GUIDE. Here is what Daryn had to say about it?

I never read before going to sleep, but when I do, I read Dustin Wunderlich's Dirted Tank Guide. Thinking of completely redoing my 55 and his experience is easily worth hundreds of dollars in dirted tank mistakes. TANK ON! Dustin's Fishtanks Matt C says.... Hey Dustin, I just wanted to say thanks. I am a recent dirt convert with your guide and it's blowing my mind. I grew up with fish tanks and always wanted to try growing plants. Bought some T5HO lights and eco-complete (mistake) and got things rolling. Everything limped along for 6 months. I bought some liquid ferts and just didn't like dosing. Too much money and time. So I drained the tank and dirted it (just on Saturday) with the old eco-complete as my topper. My plants are loving it. Explosive growth. Picked up some crypts from the local store and they didn't melt. They are just taking off. Overall, you are the best beginner-intermediate resource for those wanting to get into planted tanks. Keep it up.

Thanks, -Matt

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