"Crypt Hole" Combo Get 4 Crypts for $19.95 (We Pick Crypts!)

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 We love Crypts.... They are easy to grow. They don't require a ton of light and they come in all sorts of sweet variations.

But we also "Hate" crypts.... hate is a strong word... more like "We at times get frustrated with Crypts"  

My greenhouse manager Ryan and new edition Sarah have pockets of Crypts all over the place. You are reading this so there is no audio but to hear Sarah clean out a basin and go ... "Yeah, Ryan and his crypt hole!" was something special.

Enter the Crypt Hole Combo! 

You get 4 Crypts- We pick the Crypts- YOU LOVE THE CRYPTS. We don't label the Crypts.. You just get 4 Crypts... that's it.

"But Dustin, why should I buy this Crypt Hole?"

It's simple. We get crypts in from 3 different countries in Asia.  Sometimes they come in great, and sometimes they come in melted and looking like hot trash.  

We take any and all Crypts (or beat to hell crypts) and plant them all over the place. They are typically short and tucked in to corners in the basins....   

A month later we might be cleaning out a basin and find a stack of fully regrown awesome crypts.... crypts that to be honest- We might not know exactly what they are!

Hence the Crypt Hole Combo"

You might get some wild, regrown Hudoroji, you might get some generically named "Bronze" Crypt. You might get a Spiralis. 

WE PROMISE NOTHING AS FAR AS EXACT SPECIES- We only promise 4 random crypts for $19.95

This is a killer Crypts Combo if you are flexible on the types!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Got way more than advertised!

You are wasting your plant money if you're buying from anywhere besides Dustin's. I was happy to spread them out across a few tanks, because I was not prepared for how many crypts were actually coming!

Randy H
Crypt hole smashed my expectations

First of I was sceptical buying a bunch of unknown plants but I figured I haven't found a crypt I don't like so I went with it. Dustin knocked it out of the park. I bought 2 of these 4 packs and the crypts were much larger than I was anticipating and there were a bunch of smaller ones that I believe are C. Parva that came in super healthy. Overall I ordered 8 plants and received 12+ that were in great condition.

Good plants

All crypts came is good condition! Spy a loach chilling in the pot with one.
Will definitely purchase from Dustin’s again!

Matthew Warren
Loaded little bundle

I ordered this as part of some hand picked plants for the 40g guppy tank I set up. A couple had a leaf or two melted, but I'm in Michigan... it's winter, I was expecting some damage. But there really wasn't a lot of damage all in all. This little pack was loaded with a lot more than I was expecting. All the plants in this tank were ordered from Dustin. Great deal IMHO

Neil Reed
3rd time, still charmed!

Not gonna lie, I love whatever the crypt hole spits out. My tank hates java ferns and christmas moss, kills water wysteria and hyacinth… but something about crypts, man. And Dustin’s crypts never disappoint!

Everything arrived green, barely any melt, nicely packaged. Thought some of them were swords when I opened the box- they’ve got some big ones in here! Hopefully they settle in nice next to my 1+ year old ones when I get around to planting…