Ryan's "Crypt Hole" Combo Get 4 Crypts for $19.95 (We Pick Crypts!)

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We love Crypts.... They are easy to grow. They don't require a ton of light and they come in all sorts of sweet variations.

But we also "Hate" crypts.... hate is a strong word... more like "We at times get frustrated with Crypts"  

My greenhouse manager Ryan and new edition Sarah have pockets of Crypts all over the place. You are reading this so there is no audio but to hear Sarah clean out a basin and go ... "Yeah, Ryan and his crypt hole!" was something special.

Enter the Crypt Hole Combo! 

You get 4 Crypts- We pick the Crypts- YOU LOVE THE CRYPTS. We don't label the Crypts.. You just get 4 Crypts... that's it.

"But Dustin, why should I buy this Crypt Hole?"

It's simple. We get crypts in from 3 different countries in Asia.  Sometimes they come in great, and sometimes they come in melted and looking like hot trash.  

We take any and all Crypts (or beat to hell crypts) and plant them all over the place. They are typically short and tucked in to corners in the basins....   

A month later we might be cleaning out a basin and find a stack of fully regrown awesome crypts.... crypts that to be honest- We might not know exactly what they are!

Hence the Crypt Hole Combo"

You might get some wild, regrown Hudoroji, you might get some generically named "Bronze" Crypt. You might get a Spiralis. 

WE PROMISE NOTHING AS FAR AS EXACT SPECIES- We only promise 4 random crypts for $19.95

This is a killer Crypts Combo if you are flexible on the types!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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4 crypts

I've ordered a total of 5 sets of these now and have been pretty happy overall. The last two definitely came in smaller and less variety than the original order of 3 but there are less crypts in stock now too

Jon Brophy
Generous and gorgeous

The plants arrived in great shape, I ordered a heat pack and I was given a heat pack! As expected, I ordered late in a week, and it was shipped on the following Monday for arrival mid day on Wednesday. The plants are species of crypt I haven't seen before, so that's exciting. They were generous portions with lush healthy leaves and good roots. I would definitely buy again.

Liz B
Great combo!

The plants arrived in great shape and look great! They were carefully packaged and it's a good deal, even if we're not sure what the species are. Would buy again.


Nice...hard to get out of root ball...ended up breaking roots...but they seem to be ok


Love the crypts - great variety for a bargain! They arrived in excellent shape and appear very healthy.