Crinum Spiralis (RARE- Only in United States)

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NOTE: WHEN YOU PURCHASE THIS PLANT YOU WILL RECEIVE ONE OF THE PLANTS IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS. There are 22 plants in the photo and there are 22 plants in stock! You do not get to pick which one. These are DUSTIN'S HOT PICKS! Grab one while they are in stock!  

Short Version.

This is an Extremely RARE plant that no one has. (go look- you won't find anyone else.)

I had to give the USDA where they came from and it was a huge pain, but we got them

Being the first to ever have these is fun for us. We have been keeping them in medium light and they seem to like it more than our full sun tanks.  

Like all Crinum species- These plants like high water flow. If you look at their design this makes sense, they have long flowing leaves that can handle the fast moving rivers that they come from.  Treat this plant like you would and Anubias or Cichlid tank. Harder water is preferred.  (We don't keep anything around here in soft water- but if you are concerned about your water hardness, throw in 5 lbs or so of crushed coral per 20 gallons of water and watch ALL of your plants thank you.)

We have had these plants for 5 weeks.  They are off to a great start. They will grow taller and be a show stopper background plant.

These plants DON'T have roots of any kind, like all Crinum they take awhile too root as they are more of a "Bulb/Onion" type plant.  

We are guaranteeing that we will get you the plant in good conditions. (SEE EXACT PLANTS IN PHOTOS) 

No refunds.  Store credit ONLY if a problem before 3 days of ownership if something happens to your plant. (Like you kill it)  We are shipping a nice plant, but don't have years of knowledge on these like everything else we sell.

 (Again- NO ONE HAS EVER KEPT THESE PLANTS....USDA couldn't find any info- WE are the FIRST!)

Long version.

I was asked once by a mentor of mine. "Why do you do what you do?"

One of the answers I gave him was to bring in crazy plants that no one else has....

These plants are one of them. Crinum Spiralis is ONE of them....

This story starts with out man Ted Judy who mentioned this plant to me last summer. Ted has BEEN TO CAMEROON. (Cameroon is a consistently civil war torn 3rd world country in western Africa. It ranks high in government corruption and child labor. Cameroon is not an easy place.)

Ted tells me of a "Spiral Crinum" much like a Val Torta only with the Crinum Bulb.  I want this plant.  Recently a supplier hit me up with photos of this plant.  This is a country where you send someone money and they message you back.... "Mr. Dustin- They eat the money"   (Eat the money is NOT what  you want to hear)

No risk- No reward.... there is a high percentage of Failure bringing this in. 

1. Even collecting them in Cameroon. 2. The Documents being correct. 3. Cameroon government officials wanting bribes. 4. Flights outta Cameroon SUCK and always are delayed for days with plants in hot boxes. 5. USDA letting them though.....and this time...USDA calling me up and going.  "We've never heard of this Dustin." ....another bad signal.

These Crinum Spiralis.... and me being the only one to ever have them.... THIS IS WHY WE PLAY THE GAME.

They are WILD, the longer we have them the more they will cost.

Customer Reviews

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Chris Grey
Looks great

I had to have a plant that not many people have. So I bought the crinum spiral and I’m glad I did! So far it looks really good! It hasn’t shown any signs of melt or dying. It looks so good I ordered another one! If he has more on my next payday I’ll order another one or 2.

Chris Stevens
Excellent specimen

Happy to receive another great and this time rare plant from Dustin’s Fishtanks! The Crinum Spiralis arrived way healthier than I expected being Dustin just got it in his own inventory. A truly remarkable looking plant. Look forward to its growth and my next purchase from Dustin!

Scott Leestma
Crinum Spiralis

Received in decent shape, but melted back real hard with lots of brown now starting to show. Risk was well stated so no hard feelings. Fingers crossed that they recover and begin to show signs of new growth.

One will make it

I order one, received two! Thank you! But the larger one was too far gone and had to be tossed. The smaller one looks like it will make it. I was warned and understood the risk. No new growth yet. To early to be able to tell what it will do.

Crinum Spiralis!

I was excited to see select Crinum Spiralis still be offered after the shipping issues while in transit to the US. I'm doing everything I can to nurse this plant back to health- showing great progress in a week's time! I can't wait to see the crinum spiralis in her full glory!