"Major" Sword (Echinodorus Major) Ruffled Swords! (6-7 inches tall)

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NOTE: The plant that you will receive looks like the photos labeled "AS OF 6/12/23"

Echinodorus Major.

These are 6-10 inch MONSTERS.  SEE PHOTOS!

This is an amazing sword for your mid-ground plant in a larger tank or a background plant for your smaller tanks.

It's a phenomenal plant. It grows fast and the leaf shape on these plants is great. Can be planted directly into the substrate as well as above. We recommend at least some kind of fertilization (like our GROWTH JUICE) for best growth-

Or a dirted tank :)   (Make sure and check out the NEW Dustin's Dirt Packs....used in conjunction with ANY Sword- the swords will Grow MASSIVE..think like a plant. Plants eat at their roots!)

This plants leaf shape will change with its size. Expect these plants to produce small narrow leaves and to not get very big. This plant should be planted in your midground.

These plants are completely grown under water. Trimmed back above ground growth. Get 1 or 2 of these swords to really fill out your tank today!!!

 Swords like an above average amount of Iron  if you aren't going to go the whole "Dirted Tank" routine. (A Dirted Tank is worth at least understanding)

Customer Reviews

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Monica Wilson
My favorite plant!

The fish love this plant. Very hardy.



Christian Hunt

What can I say about this guy that hasn't already been said? You know him, we love him, and its all about the plants! The greenhouse kicks out some killer plants, all of which that I ordered, and some that I didn't, all came in healthy, clean and thriving in thier new home.

Phillip Hitchcock
looks great

I purchased the "Major" Sword (Echinodorus Major), Alternanthera Reineckii, and Water Wisteria (Hygrophilia difformis). I appreciate that these were not sent until they saw that the weather was warming up in my area. Awesome service. Everything came as expected and this picture is basically day two. Everything looking healthy and pearling in this 75g with medium-high light and 3 DIY 2L yeast/sugar CO2 generators that I'm playing around with before I go high-tech pressurized.

bob Machon

They look great, I hope they don't drop leaves like my other Amazon swords.