"Major" Sword (Echinodorus Major) Ruffled Swords! 10 inches

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NOTE: The plant that you will receive looks like the photos labeled "AS OF 3.28.23"

Echinodorus Major.

These are 6-10 inch MONSTERS.  SEE PHOTOS!

This is an amazing sword for your mid-ground plant in a larger tank or a background plant for your smaller tanks.

It's a phenomenal plant. It grows fast and the leaf shape on these plants is great. Can be planted directly into the substrate as well as above. We recommend at least some kind of fertilization (like our GROWTH JUICE) for best growth-

Or a dirted tank :)   (Make sure and check out the NEW Dustin's Dirt Packs....used in conjunction with ANY Sword- the swords will Grow MASSIVE..think like a plant. Plants eat at their roots!)

This plants leaf shape will change with its size. Expect these plants to produce small narrow leaves and to not get very big. This plant should be planted in your midground.

These plants are completely grown under water. Trimmed back above ground growth. Get 1 or 2 of these swords to really fill out your tank today!!!

 Swords like an above average amount of Iron  if you aren't going to go the whole "Dirted Tank" routine. (A Dirted Tank is worth at least understanding)


Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Jacqueline H

Thick lush sword! Very nice edition!

Michael Lobinske
Huge plants

These Swords came in and were bigger and fuller than I thought they would be. Each one has at least 10 healthy, green leaves, no discolored leaves at all.

Tina Roussell
Major swords

The swords are beautiful! They have really added to the tank!!! Only thing I do have some baby snails! This is my third order from you and the plants are doing good….I am using the Growth Juice too…I have no fish yet
Because we are still cycling the tank…if snails get to be too much I guess we just catch they and take them out? I bought nerites but these are a cone shaped variety ….but
Your plants are second to none….actually we are buying fish from Ocean Floor innGreenville and their plants come from you!!!!

joe Maese

This is my 2nd time ordering and I’m just so impressed with all the plants I bought especially the “ major sword “ beautiful plant I will most definitely be doing a 3rd order soon!

Wesley Fulton
Major Sword

Beautiful swords, 13” tall, Love them!