Red Cryptocoryne Pygmaea. NEW RED CRYPT!

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Red Cryptocoryne Pygmaea is a NEW Crypt to us! Grab yourself some of this FIRE Crypt while we have it in stock!

This is a fun crypt for us. We don't carry a whole ton of Crypts, and the ones we do are typically green. Not these babies.  Say hello to Crypt Pygmaea.

Although like all crypts- they might melt back- these are NOT A DEMANDING plant at all.  These crypts can handle lower light levels and we keep them in the shady parts of the greenhouse.   This is a LOW LIGHT PLANT.

Generally speaking we like to kept plants in a good, nutrient rich substrate...however we have been told crypts do alright in just plain gravel or sand.  Yet another win for this crypt.

This is foreground or mid ground plant. I would recommend more of the mid- ground as it is a medium height. I think a darker contrasting plant looks better in the midground as it gives your tank more depth front to back.

If you are familiar with the classic "Crypt Wendtii" these are very similar.

On a scale of 1-10.  1 being you can grow them in your toilet- These are a 3.  The only reason for the 3 is that they might melt back while establishing their leaves to your aquarium conditions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Kinda small when arrived. But is thriving in my tank. I 💙CRYPTS

Vi N
Nice plant

Arrived with one dead leaf, but I plucked it. The plant is a little smaller than expected but I'm sure it will grow to be a beautiful plant.

Crypt in the cript

I was a bit disappointed in the crypt. It came in quite small. I planted it anyway and we'll see how it hangs on. I just planted it in the tank so, it has a ways to go before I can really rate it fairly.

Casey Flynt
A little disappointing

I took a chance on a crypt I don't have and ordered one of these. I wasn't impressed. There were only about 4 leaves showing, and there wasn't a bit of red visible anywhere on the plant. Looked like they just needed to grow a bit longer before shipping. Hopefully over time this one will perk up.

Jeffery Jenkins

This plant arrived looking amazing.