Anubias Heterophylla

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Anubias Heterophylla is a NEW ANUBIAS to us!

This is a rad EASY Anubias that we waiting awhile to put out as we wanted to see how it did. It has a variegated, lighter color leaf on it and we wanted to make sure that would stay and wasn't from being grown above water, only to get home to your tanks and look different. Well guess what, the variegated stayed.

Think of this plant and sort of a smaller leaf Anubias than a Barteri, but bigger than an Anubias nana.  What I like about it is it has lighter, brighter green than more anubias. 

This would be a great plant to mix in with other anubias for a slight transition to a brighter color amongst the typically dark anubias.


I would recommend that you tie or glue it to a rock or driftwood. Like all anubias. It is a slightly slower grower and likes a little bit of water flow.

Grab some of this plant and wire it to a rock and keep it with your Cichlids. Ask for FREE WIRE!


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Erwin Eady
Beautiful Plants

Thank you Dustin and your great team for my beautiful plants I ordered June 17th. Plants came and they where very healthy and lushly green. They are the perfect addition to my 54-Gallon tank. I highly recommend this seller and their service and product. Will be placing another order this week.