Brownie BLUE Boyan

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Yes- Blue.

This buce gets BLUE.

How are you? Would you like some Blue?

We have some Brownie Boyan BLUE.....For YOU.

If Dr. Seuss had an aquarium. This would be one of the plants in it.   It gets freaking BLUE.  Look. Buce is one of those plants that you just have to get and sit on for awhile. (Or a short while if you have a greenhouse and the sun like us :)

The color of this plant get WILD.  I have attempted to show off the underwater BLUE look that it gets. (These photos were take only THREE Days after getting these in to our possession.... they will get even better.)

Like with all plants, this buce will give you more color with more lights, fertilizer and if you have it... co2. (Don't over think it, it will do ok with less)

You will get 10 leaves of this plant for $9.95)  We are known for our if the leaves are smaller you will probably get more.

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Great buy

The plants were wonderful and I got more plants than I thought I would.