Baby Tears "Monte Carlo"

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 "Monte Carlo"  (Give it a cool name and it will sell right?)

While I didn't name it, I am not going to act like I don't love this plant and it's name "Monte Carlo"

You've asked for it, the crowds say "I want a carpet"  this is the foreground plant for you.  

Only ONE other rooting carpeting plant comes in front of this plant in my book.  (Mosses don't count- and we sell 9 types of those.)  Dwarf Sag would be the only plant I would put in front of these plant as far as EASE OF GETTING A CARPET. 

NOW- Don't get it twisted. Just because you want a carpet doesn't mean "Monte Carlo" is going to up and take you on a Magic Carpet Growing Ride.

Think like a plant. Where does this plant grow in the wild? It grows on the edge of rivers or lakes in MUD and in full or near full sun in SHALLOW water.    

If you are willing to provide this plant GOOD SUBSTRATE and GOOD light it will provide you with a GOOD CARPET. (Photo above are of my own DIRTED Aquariums with good light or the sun)   If you are going to try to grow this plant in 90 gallon with a single fluorescent bulb from 1996 in plain gravel or root tabs.... I hope you enjoy watching it slowly die.

Under the right conditions this plant will take you on a Magic Carpet Ride.  I have had it TAKE OVER the bottom of a tank.  It likes to have some of its roots down in a good substrate.  The more you hack it, the more it will grow more dense of a carpet AND you can replant it as well....

"Monte Carlo is a FOREGROUND PLANT

On a scale of 1-10 Monte Carlo is a 2.5

It lights higher lights. (Or decent lights on a short tank)  Good substrate.  You can get away with less light and good substrate.

PORTION SIZE- You will receive a mat around 5-6 inches in diameter. (They won't be a perfect circle. It's a clump we peal of for you.)



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Baby tears
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