Anubias Barteri "Golden Coin"

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Anubias Barteri "Golden Coin" is a relatively new Anubias to us.

As of 7.28 the first 3 photos represent what this plant currently looks like _ THUS DISCOUNTED.

YOU WILL GET 6-8 leaves with a nice root structure

We started keeping it a few months back.... and love it.

Like it's big "OG" brother Anubias Barteri, this Anubias holds up wonderfully and is MEGA HARDY. Of course, in the picture is an absolute unit of one.

Like it's name, Coin, it has round dark green leaves around the size of a quarter.

As with all other Anubias, Anubias Golden coin likes to be attached to a rock or piece of driftwood.   We have found, while it is a slow grower, it likes a big more waterflow than other plants. (Think Africa with harder water and faster moving streams)

Check out the roots coming off of the rhizome. This plant would make a great addition to any tank!

You might find this Anubias plant less expensive elsewhere. Look at the photos in our reviews, and look at the photos/reviews in other places.

You get what you pay for. 


Customer Reviews

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Great size

Beautiful plants, great root system thick solid rhizome, and lots of leaves.

Adam Schnupp

Dustin is the man!!!! I love these plants 🌱

daniel weir
Anubias Barteri

First time using Dustin but not the last. The plants came clean and healthy no critters or hitchhikers.

Angie Moore
Beautiful healthy plant

Arrived healthy and beautiful. Full of glossy green leaves. Very generous size. This plant is a lovely addition to my tank.

100% Recommend!!

Beautiful healthy plants, fast shipping, high quality, high quantity, can't say enough good things about Dustin's Fish Tanks!!