Anubias Barteri "Golden Coin"

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NOTE: The plant that you will receive when you purchase the POTTED variety looks like the plants in the photos labeled "AS OF 1.23.23"

Anubias Barteri "Golden Coin" is a relatively new Anubias to us.

YOU WILL GET 6-8 leaves with a nice root structure…and new growth on it

We started keeping it a few months back.... and love it.

Like it's big "OG" brother Anubias Barteri, this Anubias holds up wonderfully and is MEGA HARDY. Of course, in the picture is an absolute unit of one.

Like it's name, Coin, it has round dark green leaves around the size of a quarter.

As with all other Anubias, Anubias Golden coin likes to be attached to a rock or piece of driftwood.   We have found, while it is a slow grower, it likes a big more waterflow than other plants. (Think Africa with harder water and faster moving streams)

Check out the roots coming off of the rhizome. This plant would make a great addition to any tank!

You might find this Anubias plant less expensive elsewhere. Look at the photos in our reviews, and look at the photos/reviews in other places.

You get what you pay for. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Chris Grey
Great looking healthy plant

Plant looks really good!!

James Tillman
Truly awesome

Dustin's did it again 👏, the Golden Coin Anubias plants were the largest and most beautiful specimens I've ever seen, what a great addition to my aquarium.

Frank H

Great looking plant. Acclimated well to my aquarium. Very generous portions!!

Fay Looten
Beautiful little plant

Received wrapped in wet newspaper, I rinsed and attached to rock, it looks beautiful in tank😃

Tia Clark
Excellent plants

I couldn’t wait to write a review, these plants are by far the healthiest I’ve ever received from anyone! Came nicely packaged and beautifully green! I can’t wait to make my next order!