Ammania Gracilis (Thick RED Aquarium Plant)

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Ammania Gracilis is a hardy red aquarium plant. It's leaves are more wavy than other red plants. It also has a relatively thicker stem. Ammania will like a hard cut once it is growing taller and can be replanted down in the substrate as a new plant.

NOTE as 1-7-21 these plants are about half way converted to fully pink- the tops are read but turn green half way down....but are well on the way and healthy

What we are selling comes in a nice clump, but I recommend that you spread this plant out. Separate each stem and give it about a half of an inch space or more from the next stem to let it have some room to grow in. I would also recommend that you add some iron to your tank if you are looking to get more out of your RED in the Ammania Gracilis

Lighting: Needs moderate lighting to stay alive. The more lighting the better it will look.

Difficulty: I would rate Ammania a 3.5 on my 1-10 scale. 1 being it could grow in a toilet and 10 being impossible. It requires good light much like Ludwigia or other red plants. Though it's a little more susceptible to melt due to a lack of light

Quantity: 6-7 stems

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Customer Reviews

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Hell yeah DFT!! This is my first time ordering & I am definitely impressed. My order arrived quickly, plants were packaged great, and the colors are AMAZING. They’re all healthy & sturdy & have roots popping out all over the place. Also the prices are so fair for what you get. Perfect for someone like me... who wants a stunning tank but is also on a budget. This is absolutely my new go-to for plants!! If you’re thinking about ordering, but are on the fence... DO IT!!! You’ll be so happy you did!!👍🏼👍🏼

New plant

This one is new to me, it looks good. Even more perky now, after some time in my water. Love it.

One of my favorites now

Came in with a combo and I didn't know which plant it was but instantly loved this one. Great green and red colors. Already has new growth. Great portion of stems. Thanks!

Impressive plant!

I had never seen these before but these are IMPRESSIVE and I can’t stress that enough. Stem had sort of a wavy form to it but I’m sure with time it’ll grow straighter now that it’s in a permanent tank. The stems are super sturdy and built like tanks (perfect because my fish love to “redecorate”) but I have no concerns about this plant getting uprooted. Quite the impressive plant, colors were astonishing too and will only improve with time. Got a generous cluster of 6 of these, definitely recommend!

Gorgeous vibrant color

Was looking to add some vibrant red color to the background of my aquarium and came across the A. gracilis. I placed my order and received a few days later. I neglected to purchase the optional heat pack (it's January) and have been kicking myself ever since. It was a rookie mistake on my part and I admit it. The plants arrived stressed, leaves are melting like crazy, but the stems are thick and appear to be viable. I'm hoping these guys pull through. Regardless, my shipment arrived quickly, and I'm just delighted with the quality and service of DFT. Will buy again in the near future.