Ammania Gracilis ( Thick RED Aquarium Plant)

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Ammania Gracilis. Ammania Gracilis is a hardy red aquarium plant. It has leafs that have a bit more waviness to them then other red plants. It also had a comparatively thicker stem. Ammania will like a hard cut once it is growing taller and can be replanted down in the substrate as a new plant.

What we are selling comes in a nice clump, but I recommend that you spread this plant out. Separate each stem and give it about a half of an inch space or more from the next stem to let it have some room to grow in. I would also recommend that you add some iron to your tank if you are looking to get more out of your RED in the Ammania Gracilis

Lighting: Needs moderate lighting to stay alive. The more lighting the better it will look.

Difficulty: I would rate Ammania a 3.5 on my 1-10 scale. 1 being it could grow in a toilet and 10 being impossible. It requires good light much like Ludwigia or other red plants. Though it's a little more susceptible to melt due to a lack of light

Quantity: 6-7 stems

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Customer Reviews

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Nice red plant with broad leaves

Ammania Gracilis arrived in good condition. I love how it looks different from most other red plants I have e.g. ludwigia or AR varieties. The leaves are rounder than I thought but very nice. So far still in quarantine tank- will be moving into main planted tank soon. Colors look great so far.

Nice bags

Nice touch with the sealed bags. I think that helps a great deal with the plants.

Beautiful Plant

I love this plant. I stuck a stem in three different tanks, and all the stems are growing well a few weeks later. One stem was placed in a co2 injected tank, one was placed in a discus tank (85F), and one was placed in a low tech guppy tank. It's a hardy plant with nice color.

Gorgeous plant if you can grow it

I got some a while ago, it melted really quick, so I have one stem hangin on, but I have no co2 or probably my fault.