Alternanthera Reineckii "Green"

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Alternanthera Reineckii "Green" is the easiest Alternanthera I've kept. We love this plant. The plant has green tops to its leaves with soft pink bottoms. It flashes at you with minimal effort put into it. This plant can't handle low light tanks but it doesn't need a lot either. A really easy plant for any beginner not using a Desk lamp to grow plants.
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Customer Reviews

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Great color

These plants have really nice color and are a great addition to my tank. The portion was generous. Thanks for sending quality plants!

Kevin Saul
Love the mix of colors

I have bought live plants off of other sites that came looking like they were picked and packed by somebody that just had a fight with their wife and they decided to take it out on my order. Even if they replace for free it's a pain in the ass to deal with it.... Not the case here at all. Came quick, in really nice condition and it was a very generous amount with lots of roots. I will buy again from Dustin, he walks it like he talks it when it comes to aquarium plants.

Karen Sherman

This plant was recommended to me for a specific need. I wanted something I could put in a glass cup filled with fluorite. The plants arrived in great condition and are doing well in the tank. No melting yet. Not sure they even will at this point because they still look great a week later.

Glen Sexton

Put in 1 big group may separate at a later point

Lucas K
Stop buying your plants from anywhere else

I cannot get over how healthy this plant was when it got to me. The roots were ridiculous!

Originally bought this version of AR because the AR "VARIEGATED" was out of stock when I ordered, but after seeing this plant in my tank I do not regret waiting at all. This plant is KILLER, and I am seriously thinking about buying more for other tanks.

- 3 day turnaround time w/ some of the best packaging I've seen for plants
- Ordered 2 units, but I got a total of 3 HUGE units
- 6-8 inch stems
- Averaged around 7 stems per bundle (depends on length)