30 pack of stems *THIS IS ONE STEM FOR $24

  • $24.00

100% money back guarantee

30 Stems for Only $24

We pick out some great looking stems and send them!

Any variety we choose. We Pick!! May get between 3 and 10 species!

If you want big and completely random plants. THIS IS IT

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Customer Reviews

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Stems order

Purchase 2-75 gallon plant grow out tanks on Black Friday with 2-FX6 filters. Hit Dustin up on his Black Friday with 4 stems pack orders. Everything came in looking great and has all been planted. Now we wait!

Victor Rodriguez
Plants came in looking great

Plants looked very healthy upon arrival. Initially I was worried because the box showed up in a little bit of a beat up condition with a huge dent in the box.

When I opened the box to my surprise they were very healthy, slight color loss, but absolutely zero melt.

I know for sure the order was more than what I paid for in terms of stem count.

Not sure of the exact species of plants because I didn't take the time to match everything up, but I know I received around 10 species of plants. Good amount of red plants. And enough to split between a 55 gallon community tank and a 10 gallon shrimp tank.

A few of the plant bunches contained at least 10stems so I easily got more than 30 stems in the order.

Can't wait for everything to adjust and begin to thrive.

Photo of some of the plants and box.

Marcus Lee
Great looking plants

Plants arrived quickly and in great condition.

Daniel Dennis
Duckweed, stem plants, and 4 plant collection.

Took my tank from "meh" to "wow"

David Brown

Plants came quick and looked good i planted all of them in planters whith dirt under sand and most of them died i have 6 that still look the same pretty much and 4 that haven't died all the way i havnt touched anything since i put them in im hoping the roots are still alive and new growth will randomly start again the ponds on a constant drip but if you have any advise let me know should i have new growth by now