Underwater Vs. Above Water Growth

This is constantly in debate and I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of different opinions. What is the

difference between an Immersed plant and a Submerged Plant. An Immersed plant is grown above

water. A submerged plant is grown underwater. The plant literally changes its leaf structure, in its

conversion, to a submerged state from an immersed state. In my experience the process from

converting a plant from an immersed state to a submerged one is a lengthy and ugly process. While the

process of transplanting a submerge plant to a different submersed environment is a far quicker and

much easier to enjoy process. In my personal opinion, I believe this is because the actual leaf structure

of the submerged plant is able to take in more light to stabilize itself during the time of its’ fluctuating

environment. Most of the Immersed plants that I’ve dealt with, will usually have a harder time being

moved and transplanted as well as having to deal with the stress of converting into its’ aquatic form.

Submerged plants definitely have been easier for me and my customers to deal with.

The difference in appearance is clear!