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As a member, you'll receive a discount to all of your plant, fish, snails and combos. Basically everything except lighting, premium packages and memberships. You discount is dependent on your membership level.

Silverfish members get 10% off.
While Goldfish and Diamondfish members get 25%.

This discount is automatic, there is no need to enter in any discount code in order to get the discount. When you view a product you'll see the prudict price. Under that, if it is a product that gets member pricing, you'll the Member pricing. The Product price will match your member level pricing, like so...

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To get to the Members Only Content click on it in the dropdown under Become a Member:

You will be re-directed to your account settings where you can do things like change your password, view your order history and update payment options.

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Here is a link to the Top 33 Mistakes!

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