Diamond Fish

Diamond Fish was born because so many Gold and Silverfish have been signing up for multiple Face Time sessions. Why not make it easy on you?

With DIAMOND FISH you can get ONE on ONE help with your tank each month.

Diamond fish get all of the great benefits below of Gold Fish PLUS an HOUR + of One on One Face time with me each month.

Diamond fish is only $20 more per month but you get to schedule 15 or 30 minute calls with me when it works for you! You and your Tanks get me all to yourself 4 times a month for 15 minutes, twice a month for 30 minutes ect. Maybe you just have a project you are working on, sign up for Diamond Fish and when you are done, back to Gold fish–Not a problem. Sign up for Diamond Fish Now and get a LIVE Peak of me and some fish I can buy for YOU at the ACA!

Below Is Everything Else You Get!

Fellow Fish Tank People…THIS IS A NO BRAINER!

Sign up for Diamond Fish…and know that it’s completely 100% Risk FREE.  It is REALLY a no brainer!! You CAN’T lose.EACH WEEK you’ll receive my “Dustin’s Fish Tank Newsletter” sent to you as an attachment in your email.

  • This exclusive newsletter will be available to MEMBERS ONLY and will focus primarily on YOUR Questions, YOUR Needs, and YOUR fish tank desires.
  • You’ll have access to the questions from every other member from the past week along with every answer I provided. This way you’ll be getting your questions answered and at the same time, learning from the questions submitted by other members.
  • Other newsletter topics will also include current and important information you need to know in order to have the best fish tank possible. Such as:
    • “How to look at your plants to see what they need.”
    • “What kind of plants are best for certain substrate?”
    • “What plants you should NEVER buy.”
    • “I don’t want to Dirt my tank, so how do I keep great looking plants?”
    • “Simple Plant combinations that will make a great Aquascape.”
    • “How NOT to add fish to your aquarium.”
    • And SO MUCH MORE.

That’s NOT ALL, You also get…..

  • Includes complete downloadable archives of all past “Dustin’s Fish Tank Newsletters”
  • Includes my best and most important how-to videos (NOT available on my YouTube Channel) that provide personalized guidance and customized support for Diamondfish Members only on an ongoing basis.
  • Also includes complete access to my private collection of recommended resources that I use personally and have kept closely guarded to help me maintain my award winning tanks year after year.
  • Weekly TANK TALK!:  You’ll get special call in times EVERY WEEK so you can talk with me and get your questions answered live over the phone.
  • Also, all DFM will always get a 25% discount to any and all products and plants offered on my website for as long as you are a Member.

The goal here is to make sure that you ALWAYS GET THE RIGHT ANSWERS TO YOUR PERSONAL FISH TANK QUESTIONS on a regular basis with my undivided attention and dedication to YOUR NEEDS and YOUR FISH TANK.

Sign up NOW and let’s talk about YOUR Tank! (and give you 25% off everything to make it sweet!)

$49 per month