Our Customer's Small Tanks

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Customer Tank: Yasmeen A. “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Bacopa caroliniana ‘Yellow Flame’, Beautiful yellow/green plants! I absolutely love this plant. It's leaf structure is unique and adds a nice texture to my tank! The plants arrived healthy and with plenty of healthy roots. You can see it in the back left corner of my tank in the picture.”

Customer Tank: Catherine N. “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Growth Juice, Love this stuff! Just a few days after replanting in a new tank and they are looking great!”

Customer Tank: Jeff G. “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ No better place to buy stem plants from”

Customer Tank: Ron “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Manzanita Driftwood. Really happy with my order. Even had a couple extra plants thrown in as a bonus.”

Customer Tank: Jose M. "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️You sent me double the amount of Amazon Sword Plants, which was extremely nice of you. I had no Die back on these Wonderful Amazon Sword Plants That I got from you. They kicked in right away. The Green on them is truly beautiful to see. Thank you!"

Customer Tank: @seanhaygood "Yo what is up fish tank people, got my first aquarium right here, planted it back in like February. Got some neon tetra, albino neon tetra, Pygmy corys, horned Nerite snails, Amano shrimp, and 1 Blue Ram 😍. As for plants I have a carpet of Helanthium Quadricostatus (love this plant but i wish I went with something that has a smaller leaf for the 10gal) I’ve got some Bacopa Caroliniana, flame moss, and a couple other things I don’t actually know 😅. Because of the dustinsfishtanks YouTube channel, and this tank right here, I’m gonna be making many more aquariums! Planted of course! TANK ON BABY!"

Customer Tank: Stewart R. "Love your site and plants! Here’s an attached pic of my main tank, all done with your plants. Tank on!"

Customer Tank: Gary D. "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ When I received my Crinum Natans it was quite beat up with broken and rotting leaves but that is understandable since it had just got off a plane from Africa and Dustin did not have time to heal it up before it was shipped out to me. The Crinum Natans had a nice thick stalk and good roots and I trimmed off all the leaves down to the stalk and now since March it has 6 leaves that are over 1 foot long and putting out new leaves. I love this plant and can't wait for it to get huge! Thank you Dustin! You made my dream come true of owning one of these gorgeous plants! My next plant will be the Variegated Wisteria I can't wait to get some of that. Thank you again"

Customer Tank: @neon_genesis_evangavin "Hey Dustin, this is my most recent planted tank, I've had it running for around a year and a half at this point, and it has been going really smoothly. It's a 13 gallon tank with a current stock of 2x White Moscow guppies, 3x Kuhli Loaches, an Otocinclus, and around 60 cherry and green jade shrimp. Plants include Bacopa, moss balls, dwarf sagitaria, several species of anubias, crypticorn, and water sprite."

Customer Tank: Thomas D.

Customer Tank: @thedaykinator “My 40Breeder Acrylic Classroom tank. I’ve tried to create a Florida Native/Biotope Tank with Bacopa Moneywort, Cryptocorne Bronze, and Dwarf Sag (from the big D himself). Inhabitants are 10 Least Killifish, 10 Ghost Shrimp, and 4 Florida Flag Fish (with 4-6 more soon to be purchased and QT’d). My 3rd graders absolutely love it and love learning about their local waterways! Thanks for the plants”

Customer Tank: @dvd.marks “my 20 Gallon (Long). High-tech, ADA soil. Plants: Dwarf Hairgrass, Melon sword, Crypt Wendtii (red), POGOSTEMON STELLATA Octopus, Anubias Nana, Anubias nana Petite.”

Customer Tank: @auzy11 “This is my 10 gallon tank with all your plants, light and growth juice :)“

Customer Tank: Tiffany D. “90 gallon community tank with lots of tetras, Cory’s, and platys. The last one is a one gallon with cherry shrimp, beta, and a Cory with Christmas moss I ordered from you. Super happy with all the plants I got from you. Can’t wait to see how the jungle develops!”

Customer Tank: Ryan M. “55 gal, community, dirted, hi tech, only about 2 months old”

Customer Tank: Don W. “Hey Dustin, Caught your video on java moss. Here is my Java moss. I glued it to this piece of wood in May 2018. And how it looks now. Needs a trim. Tank on brother!!”

Customer Tank: @tysonstone26 “Hey D! I love your videos and have enjoyed watching your journey. This is my 40 gallon tall.stocked with 10 neons, 10 harlequin raspboras, a couple nerite snails and red cherry shrimp. Keep up the good work and awesome content, tank on!”

Customer Tank: @f.k.and.pets “My 33 gallon main tank. A low tech setup, no CO2, no ferts. Pure soil, no topping. Been running for 6 months. Livestock: Red Cherry Shrimp, Neon Tetras and a pair of horned nerite snail. Plants: Java fern, Java moss, Sagittaria Subulata, Cryptocoryne Wendtii sp. "Green" and "Brown", Jungle Val, Hygrophila Corymbosa, Swordplant sp., Guppy grass, Anachris, common lily pad plant and Rotala rotundifolia.”

Customer Tank: Haily E. “This is my betta sorority tank with 15 female bettas strong. This tank is completely overstocked and the plants love it! I have an army of 11 otos, 5 nerites, and 20 corys (including 2 sub species of pygmies, pandas, Julie’s, and albinos), it also houses a valiant and a chocolate gourami as well as an African butterfly fish. My substrate consist of fluval stratum and black sand. I dose with Seachem Flourish, iron, potassium, and excel. Some of these plants even came from Dustin’s fishtanks! Great quality and sturdy plants, I highly recommend!”

Customer Tank: @tysonstone26 “Hey D! I love your videos and have enjoyed watching your journey. This is my 40 gallon tall. Stocked with 10 neons, 10 harlequin raspboras, a couple nerite snails and red cherry shrimp. Keep up the good work and awesome content, tank on!”

Customer Tank: @kascollies “I rescaped my 35 high (first photo) community tank. I took out the dirt and added Active-Flora substrate. Every plant in here is from Dustin. I loved it so much I added a second Ulvaceus and I have 3 flowers now!!! So excited! Those and the Cabomba are my favorites. The lace plant died back a bit after the rescape but is coming back nicely. My 40 long (2nd two photos) is full of baby swordtails, Platys and guppies. It’s a jungle tank, by the window with lots of natural light, but I don’t want to disturb all the babies, but once they’re bigger I’m going to rescape that one too! Thanks to Dustin’s great plants and Growth juice I am the proud owner of several planted tanks, all at different stages, with beautiful plants and awesome growth!”

Customer Tank: Nikki "Hey guys! I ordered your lights and growth juice the other day. First off, great shipping! Your standard led shipped crazy fast dude. I literally just finished setting up my tank and wanted to show you guys a little love from central PA! Can’t wait for it to fill in..."

Customer Tank: @fogtlikeboat “Sup Dustin! Big fan man, you’ve taught me so much. My 20 long, stocked with a betta, neon tetras, a clown pleco, and a couple otos. My favorite plants in here are the Bolbitis heudelotii that grows like crazy and my Buce, but D’s Val has exploded in my tank. Tank on!”

Customer Tank: Lynsey R. “I use the Dustin's Growth Juice on my plants, this was an amazon sword I got, and a red lotus bulb as well from the website. The growth has been amazing and my bulb is now flowering!”