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Customer Tank: @t.j.tanks “Just a few scaped tanks I ran over the last couple years. I stumbled over one of Dustin's videos a couple years back with the Wu Tang Clan beat on in the background and I was hooked. #PlantedTanksRuledEverythingAroundMe

Customer Tank: Jess D. “Discus love Rotala Macrandra! (they love it so much they'll nibble on it if I'm late at feeding time) It's growing well at 86F in my tank, under your standard double of course.”

Customer Tank: @custom_planted300g "Hey. I love watching your videos and started my own custom build 300. This tank will be home to 8 red head tapajos, 6 albino heck, And 6 geophagus Winemilleri, 40 cory cats and some dither fish."

Customer Tank: @lctrfan

Customer Tank: August B. “A new tank and new plant and a new blaster light, can't go wrong with dustin. Can't wait till it gets bigger.”

Customer Tank: Gian Carlo D. “Thanks D for all the plants and extras. My tank really came together! Keep providing good stuff for Fish tank people out there. Here are a couple pics of the tank with your plants.”

Customer Tank: August B. “The second pic is my 125 gallon with one of your blaster series lights. Total Awesomeness. I will be saving up so I can add more and for my other tanks. The first pic, 55 gallon with some of your buce and crenom. Fish: breeding pair of Angel fish, Cory cat, nirate snails and amono shrimp.
55 gallon plant list:
Ludwigia Repens
Cabomba Caroliniana
Dwarf hairgrass
Monte Carlo
Cryptocyne Spiralis
Pogostemon Stellatus
Echinodorus parviflorus
Cryptocoryne wendtii
Crinum Calamistratum
Red Ludwigia
Anubias Nana petite
Variegated Anubias Nana Petite
Anubia Hastifolia
Java fern
Staurogyne repens
Needle Leaf Ludwigia
Frog bit
Cryptocoryne Lutea
Ammannia Gracilis

Customer Tank: Travis C. “Awesome plants, everything thriving in my tank, very impressed with Dustin's choices and I would recommend this to anyone, beginner or veteran!! I give it a 10, a mother ****in 10 🖐🖐”

Customer Tank: Scott M. “Your light is rockin
I have since converted all 7 of my tanks to your lights 👍. That’s your lights hard at work 👍 I have even talked some of my friends into getting them as well 👍”

Customer Tank: @j.detweiler “This is the tank that's getting one of your lights soon. The plants in this tank need to grow in. I put your giant jungle val in the back, that'll look great when it grows in. I'll have a sweet after photo for you of this tank in a couple months using your plants, your lights and your growth juice.”

Customer Tank: Sherri T. “75 gallon”

Customer Tank: Matthew W. “My tank your plants”