Pearl Weed (Micranthemum Micranthemoides)

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NOTE: The photos labeled "AS OF 5/2/23" is what the plant looks like that you will receive.

THESE ARE FIRE, They are potted in house and ready to ROCK in your tank!.

This is an EASY Foreground plant.

 Pearl Weed (Micranthemum Micranthemoides)  As it's name implies- it grows like a weed.  

This is 100% a foreground plant that can be cut down as low or let grow as tall as you would like.  

IF YOU WANT A CARPET- TRY THIS PLANT- It is just a super solid pot to start with AGAIN- we pot and grow this in house. Just plant it, maybe cut it down to your desired height, give it a second and it will FLY all over. (You can see in our "in house" photos how it all took off.)

Pearl Weed is a great for shrimp tanks as they seem to enjoy climbing all over it. It also grows so dense that smaller baby shrimp can hide in it.

This plant will grow like crazy with a good substrate. We recommend our own "Dustin's Dirt Packs" as this is what we are growing it in our greenhouse.

Under regular gravel it will still grow, just not as rapidly.

Customer Reviews

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Arrived looking just like the picture. Great quality!


Healthy plant!

Brianna Colmus
Highly Satisfied

Can't wait for this to grow and spread, also add a lighter green color to my tank. Bought the triple red at the same time. Healthy looking plants!

Smaller Portion Than Expected

I am very excited to grow this plant but the portion was a little smaller than expected with little to no roots. Somewhat disappointed but I know that Dustin's sends quality plants so I am sure the plants will quickly grow to a larger size.

Malgorzata Pikor
Just as expected

This little dainty plant is so pretty! I have it in my substrate and keeping my fingers crossed my dojo doesn't uproot it. Worst case scenario, it will be a floating plant.