Echinodorus argentiensis

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TODAY'S Plants are bigger and look BETTER than the photos!

This is a sweet type of more narrow leaf Amazon Sword from Argentina. 

Like all swords this is a heavy root feeder. It will do "OK" with root tabs but likes a big "Meal" of dirt or at least some sort of planted tank substrate. (Yes it will thrive using our "Dustin's Dirt Packs"  Premier Aquarium Substrate)

Like most swords these was originally grown above water as you can tell by the "Spoon" looking leaves.

This plant might melt back a bit as it will have to adjust to underwater growth as you plant it into your aquarium.

This is a great background plant and is a pretty easy beginner plant. It is not very light demanding, but the more light you give it, the faster it will grow and the better it will look.

On a scale of 1 to 10. This Argentiensis Sword is a 3 (only because of the potential melt back) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
karen paugh
very nice plant

i am always amazed to get more than what i order. helps me fill in my 55 gal tank with a budget. cant wait for them to fill in

Tammie Wagner
Love this beauty

I received 2 very nice pieces for the price of one. I can’t wait to see how they fill in. They are green and healthy already and I just got them today.

Exactly what I wanted

Needed to fill in a corner, and these came in looking exactly as expected. Some swords melt and grow back with a different look, but this hasn't (yet). Always nice to get extra to put in the other tank!

Nate beck
awesome plants

I ordered 1 and received the one pictured below and another small one I planted in another tank. Both showed up very healthy and are growing great. The second picture is my nosy angel getting in the way of the camera. I will definitely be ordering more from Dustins.

Tracy Cochell
Beautiful Plants

If you are unsure about ordering from Dustin's, don't be. My original order took too long in the mail and the plants were sad looking. I emailed Dustin team about it, and they got back to me within an hour and said they would mail me some more. The next plants got to my house sooner and they were in beautiful shape, plus he gave me a few extras. Thanks for having great customer service and having an easy to use website that explains how to take care of the plants. I will definitely be ordering more.