Cryptocoryne lucens

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NOTE: The plant that you will receive looks like the plant in the photos labeled "AS OF 5.2.23"

Cryptocoryne lucens is an EASY forgiving crypt.

Crypts are known to melt and this is no exception- but it will melt back LESS. Here is the good news. It has already been through a melt back for us, and should be stronger heading over to you.

This is a great midground plants.

While we have heard of people who grow crypts in sand, we like a good nutrient base at the substrate. (We have our own "Dustin's Dirt Packs" substrate mix which we recommend)


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Came in amazing condition, and is doing great in my 55 gallon cichlid aquarium (kind if shocked i have never had success with planted cichlid aquarium).

Jeffrey S Gates
Great Plants

Have ordered many times from Dustin. Plants are lush and healthy. Can't say enough about the quality and helpfulness of staff.

Robert Harris

My crypts that I got form Dustin's fishtanks were healthy with good roots I'm very happy with them

Erika Opperman
Came in a little yellow and tiny roots

Normally my plants from dunstin's are green and with big roots. My crypts that came in had tiny roots and were a bit yellow. I snipped the yellow bits down and still planted them. Hopefully the roots will get bigger in my substrate.

samuel weiss

Plants are fine.