Hygrophila Pinnatifida

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NOTE: The photos labeled "AS OF 4/8/24" is the plant that we are currently selling. These were sold to us above water grown. We potted them In-House and have been growing them in the Greenhouse, Underwater, ever since.  

Yet another Hygro from your fishtank friends at Dustin's Fishtanks.

Suggested to us by our friend, Erick Sullivan up in New Hampshire, shoutout! We have also been known for our Hygrophilas. From the mega hardy "Alpha" Water Wisteria (Hygro Difformis, Up the to "Gangster Hygro Cordata Red" and down to the short and stunning Hygro Compact.

Well here comes another one.  Hygrophila Pinnatifida.  Yep and this one is another WOW Hygro.

What we have grown to love about Hygros is there ability to show you "love" with more orange and reds with the more light and fertilizers you give them. 

Hygro Pinnatifida is no exception to this.  Under lower light conditions it will stay more green, but under higher light it will give you RED.

This plant is not as easy to keep as other species of hygro. (Generally speaking the thinner and narrower varieties aren't as rugged as the thicker fatter ones.)

This plants is more of a Midground plant and will make a nice contrast to a grassy foreground section.

We are growing this plant in high light to convert it quickly. The tips of the stems haven't rooted yet, but they are close.... This is a sweet plant.

You'll get three stems in a bundle.  DISCOUNTED BECAUSE THEY AREN'T FULLY CONVERTED YET.... but will be soon.  

Customer Reviews

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Not hardy at all

James Davie

Pinnitifada arrived a bit chilled but intact. Acclimated it has bounced back quite quickly and is doing well

Valeri Sperry
Great plant

Plant arrived early and is beautiful

Mason Modglin
Came as shown and described

Absolutely fire plant to play around with. If I was to critique any one thing with this plant is that I just wish I had MORE of it per each bundle, but hey, I love the plants, I LOVE Dustinsfishtanks and I couldn't be happier then getting to watch this bada$$ plant take advantage of that sweet sweet fert and aquasoil I out them in!

Jon Snyder
Came in perfect

Arrived in great condition.Now it's up to me