Dracaena Plant (fragrans)

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Dracaena Plant's have bright green variegated leaves. Sometimes called the 'corn plant'

We currently shipping plants that look JUST LIKE THE PHOTO MAIN PHOTO.

Incredibly easy to grow, but meant for pond style tanks, reptile vivariums, and tropical ponds. 

THIS IS NOT A FULLY UNDERWATER PLANT. It like to live in about 2 inches of water....which is how we keep them :)


Customer Reviews

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Leah S

So excited to have these in my aquarium, they're so pretty! They arrived healthy and ready to plant

Linda Meyerhofer

The 2 plants were a nice size and in excellent shape. I've bout many plants before and the are doing well. Thank you


They were cool, I had moved them into my salamander tank, but they recently both browned out.. using more gravel or a few rocks is probably better to hold these in your aquarium

Victoria M
Axolotl Tank Plants

I just received my order of four different plants from Dustin's Fishtanks. I had wanted to buy some for a while, and decided to go for it. I am so glad I did! The plants arrived in great shape. They were packed well, in an insulated bag, and were carefully wrapped in newspaper and sealed in bags that kept them from drying out. They have nice fluffy roots attached and were easy to plant in my axolotl tank. Hopefully the axolotls won't dig them up! I was surprised at how large the plants were-I was definitely expecting them to be smaller. I will be ordering more plants from here. They are a great value for the amount you get and are very healthy looking-also no snails!

James Harris
Oh well

Been eating to order for 2 mths +??????