Duckweed (Ultimate Floating Aquarium Plant)

Duckweed (Ultimate Floating Aquarium Plant)

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Duckweed is the ultimate floating plant. It propagates QUICKLY and is extremely easy. Duckweed prefers a still surface to grow on. Great for any Goldfish. Duckweed is the ultimate food for Goldfish.

I would also recommend this if you have an algae problem or high nitrates.  Duckweed floats at the surface, blocking out light, but is a FAST Grower and will consume excess nutrients in the water.  

Frankly Duckweed is easier to remove than algae!

(A portion is around the size of a golf ball clump)

Customer Reviews

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Grows like a weed

I recently set up my first planted tank. I ordered duckweed to soak up excess nutrients for algae prevention. I live in the southwest and I was a little concerned about ordering plants by mail in summer. When the duckweed arrived it looked a little rough and smelled a bit funky. I just dumped the whole bag in the tank and hoped for the best. There were a LOT of dead roots floating all around the tank but It didn’t take them too long to settle out or go in the filter. You could probably rinse it in a bowl to separate some of the dead stuff out first. I added this stuff in early June. I left town a few days later for a week. When I got back I had a thick Matt of beautiful green duckweed over the whole tank. Also still no algae (knock on wood) I threw about a baseball sized clump in my compost bin to allow a little more light in. All in all If you want a nice floating plant that is super easy and grow like crazy I recommend this one.

Jade Bradford

Came in healthy and was the perfect amount for my tank! They even gave me a free plant which I loved too. Definitely buying from you guys again!

marsha m

My duck weed arrived in perfect condition.
Thank you!!!!


I got so much duckweed I got them in all four of my tanks!!! But even better, a lot of them looked different then normal, a little bit bigger and darker on top, gorgeous purple on the bottom. I don't know if it's lighting or what, but it is so pretty. I will isolate just these to try to duplicate, would give 10 stars if i could.

So cute!

Nice green color and my fish are loving the cover of it.