Vallisneria Spiralis Leopard (Easy Background Aquarium Plant)

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There are certain plants I would like in my coffin when I move on to the next whatever... Val is one of them.

While we haven't stocked this plant for long, it is certainly making a strong case to ride with me in my coffin.

Like Italian Val, this thin Vallsneria Spiralis is a fast grower.  I don't know why it is call "Vallisneria Spiralis" as we don't see hardly any spiral to it.

(You would want to check out "Val Torta" for this look.)

Customer Reviews

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first time

This is my first time with this type of val. It came well packaged and with tall leaves. It looks good even after being in the package a week, UPS fault.

Vallisneria Spiralis Leopard

I really love Vallisneria Spiralis Leopard! It has beautiful coloration and my shrimp love to graze on it.

Val (Leopard)

I ordered 5 plants. They appear to be very mature, probably over 12 inches high. Each bunch contained 4 mature plants, so I ended up with 20 plants which was perfect for my needs. The roots were a little short to embed in the substrate, so I used my bionic roots on each one, which I made on my 3D printer. The results were perfect. The top six inches of these plants are the reddest things in my tank. I am very happy with my purchase, and will purchase plants from Dustin again.

Great plant

I ordered the Val and it arrived looking beautiful! Healthy, nice and green , and plenty of roots. Just planted in my large tank as a background plant. So far so good!!


Lush, tall green, elegant plants. As with all of Dustin's plants they are super health and have a vigorous root system developing. I expect them to take off immediately. I have a 30 gallon tank and they almost reach the top. My smaller fish love the cover they give them. Super pleased!