Val Asiatica Biwaensis

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NOTE: The photos labeled "AS OF 6/12/23" what the plant looks like that you will receive. They are potted in house. 

"Hello my name is Dustin and I have a Val problem."

The first step is admitting the problem right?  I love Val and am on a quest to collect ALL of the varieties of Val. I have said it before and I'll sat it again. I would like val in my coffin if something happens to me.

Enter- The next Val. Val Asiatica Biwaensis.

What does it's name mean? I have no idea.  Something to do with Asia. Here is what we do know. It's pretty killer.

This Val is like a mix between Spiral Val (or Val Torta/ corkscrew) with the spiral leaves crossed with GIANT Val. 

Yep- it has a thicker and wider leaf to it with a neat spiral as well.

Because of the thicker leaves of this species of Vallisneria, it will take tad longer to grow back than a thin variety if they melt back.


Customer Reviews

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Awesome val

Wanted some height in my aquarium and loved the spiral nature of these plants. They came a bit beat up but I can understand that shipping takes a toll on these plants and I know they’ll bounce back once acclimated.


Received in perfect condition. Bonus plant was included. Wonderful surprise! These plants are doing so much better than ones I bought on Etsy.

James Shelton

Ordered (5) pots. All were healthy and appropriately 6-8” long. Placed in a temporary holding tank until ready to use. After a week or 2, there was zero “Val melt” & all are thriving


These val are so thick and healthy. Much better quality than I found at my LFS. I ordered 2 and wasn't sure it would be enough for my tank, but they sent a lot. Plus an extra plant! Not sure what it is, but it's nice. Fast shipping, great communication also! Plants make so much difference in tanks.

Logan Ruggles
Looks amazing in the tank!

Shipped super quick! Looks amazing! Most likely buying more!