Ludwigia Inclinata (Wow Red)

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If you are keeping any intermediate plants.... NOW IS THE TIME TO TRY THESE. They have NICE ROOTS and great growth! 

This plant is another Ludwigia!!! Just like any ludwigia it's a more light demanding plant. Inclinata is a light demanding monster. THESE PLANTS ARE SIMPLY UNREAL....more bright red than almost anything we sell.

We do suggest Co2 Supplementation with this plant! (It will grow faster have brighter colors)

This plant likes a tad more iron and if you can provide some it will color up better.

You should expect the lower leaves of these to fall back... just plant it deeper

These Ludwigia, unlike our competitors are grown completely submerged (under water.)

Fertilizing this plant is also highly suggested. These guys are hard to keep and we are shipping you a healthy plant.   With less light they will grow more leggy and less red.

These guys are going for an easy price of $14.95, on sale now for 9.95!!!
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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Kinsella

The plants I received had great roots and were really tall—taller than my tank! They also had a decent pink color. There was leaf loss, but that seems to be common with ludwigia species when shipped. I took off one star because the packaging wasn't the best. The top of the plants were folded which is definitely not a good thing for the stems. Overall, they are establishing well in my tank w/o the melting or converting phase I am used to with other companies who only sell trimmings. Thank you :)

Malgorzata Pikor
So big and healthy!

Dustin's team has done it again! These plants are beautiful, vibrant, and huge! Even the cold Northern New England weather didn't affect my shipment despite the hot pack being cool on arrival. Definitely recommend 100%!

Danielle Sargent I

Beautiful coloring. Very healthy. Was a very quick delivery with very protective packaging. Gorgeous addition to my tank! ❤️


Plant was wrapped in wet paper so it lost a lot of leaves when I was unwrapping it. Hoping it will grow back

Mark Entrup
Plant Perfect

Plants arrived in a heated pouch via UPS. They were bright red just like the online pictures. Plants were very healthy and when I rinsed them leaf loss was very minimal. They are doing very well in my tank.