Alternanthera Lilacina (Purple version of our best seller!)

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This Alternanthera is almost as easy as out BEST SELLING Alteranthera.  This Plant give you MORE pinkish purple to it...

Like most plants, the fancier looking they get, the harder they get to keep. This Alternanthera is just slightly more demanding then our Best Selling Alteranthera Reineckii. But some things are worth the bit more work :)

We love the purplish hue it has. Just a tad more light will make this plant a show stopper in your aquarium. 

Minimal fertilization will help but is not required.

NOTE: Like all of our plants. These Alteranthera are grown under water and ready to POP in your aquarium. (While we don't have a ton of reviews on this plant- yet- read the other Alteranthera reviews... these are made to FLY in your tank)

Get them while have them. This plant is a 4 on a difficulty scale of 1 to 10.

This is a BACKGROUND Plant.

Customer Reviews

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Alternanthera Lilacina

Thank you for the fast delivery The plants came in perfect condition. I will purchase again

Amazing color

These plants arrived with a little wear but the stems were thick and I had no issues getting them to stay in the substrate unlike some of the thinner stem plants I have. I’m not running co2 in with these but I’m hoping they will be okay.

Very pretty light purple plant!

So mine were not bright purple like the photo, they were more of a light lavender color. But still very nice! I may have mixed them up with the regular version while planting, but I'll add photos anyway! Still they are a nice color !

Plenty of colorful stems

I had heard that Dustin sends more stems than you expect, and this batch certainly lived up to that. These were well-cut, and colorful, with very few dropped leaves and healthy internodal roots. It's difficult to ship stem plants, but Dustin does it right