Bucephalandra (Hardy Unique Plant)

Never kept Buce before? Here is the deal with Bucephalandra

"Buce" is named after the mighty Alexander the Great's horse. Bucephalus. The most famous horse in all of antiquity. There was even a city named after this horse when Bucephalus died.

You don't just give any old plant that sweet of a name unless the plant is something special. YES- folks. Buce is something special.

Why is Buce Special? First- It's a RUGGED plant. It has thick leaves that can handle the abuse of a beginner.

Think of it like the classic Anubias ...only better. You see Buce has this really killer iridescent shine to it. Yep- Look the stuff sparkles once you get it going. Seriously. Give it some time and some care and it will do this for you...much of the buce we are selling has already started this process!!